The post-Phoenix hangover

Paekakariki, 04/22/2019

From a young age, we’re told to set our goals. Give yourself a target, aim high and many other cliches. No one ever explains the inescapable void that is left once you’ve finally made it to the football match you’ve been aiming for for three weeks.

We decided to fill this void by (I think I’m spelling this correctly) “relaxing”. I’m not really sure the origins of this word and it feels thoroughly unfamiliar. Is it Danish? Presumably, it has fallen out of common usage since the inception of the fourth industrial revolution.

For context, we had arrived in Wellington with minutes to spare and hadn’t given much thought about what we would do or where we would stay, but the lights of the stadium and the capital in all its shimmering glory (it’s been a while since we saw any city lights) helped us to forget our worries. Beer may have also helped. In the crisp morning light the expansive metropolis was all a bit too much so we took two days of rest, (22 hours to be precise) at the Paekakariki holiday park to recover from our epic quest.

It’s pretty exhausting being on the road and this quiet town on the Kapiti Coast was the perfect rest spot. We did plenty of chores, lots of sleeping and once we ventured to a shop. It was thrilling. Having enjoyed a good night’s sleep and a lazy breakfast, we decided that we quite liked this “relaxing” lark. The next leg of our journey would be planned with more time to recouperate between activities.

A few hours later we were back on the road scrambling to reach the Tongarioro National Park before sunset. Yes - in the morning we would be climbing another massive mountain.


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