Travel Diaries

Create your own travel diary to capture and share your travel experiences!

Creating your own diary has never been more fun

Tell your story

Tell your story

Add stories to your digital diary and determine for each chapter if you want share it or not. Public chapters are converted to a blog that you can share with family and friends.

Tell your story

Add photos

Complete your diary by adding photos to the stories in diffent layouts. Large pictures or small pictures, portrait pictures or landscape pictures. It’s up to you!

Tell your story

Map your travel routes

In addition to photos, you can also add maps to your diary. Drag pins on the map to indicate your location or map your entire travel route.

‘It was really easy and fun to capture my trip in a diary! Amazing to hold my own travel diary a week later.‘

Annelies Verhagen
Why Travel Diaries is the best choice?

Why Travel Diaries is the best choice?

Travel Diaries works on every computer and tablet
  • Our services are free!
  • Work directly in our online application
  • Use it on every computer and tablet
  • Add an unlimited amount of pictures
  • Save travel routes with our unique mapping options
  • Never lose your diary. We keep it safe for you.
  • Never lose your diary. We keep it safe for you.
  • Customize your diary with our many style options
  • Navigate easily through your chapters
  • Order a printed version of your diary at a fair price
  • Personalize your diary with your own cover
  • Share your stories with family and friends...
 Maps in Travel Diaries

Make maps of your journey

The unique map function of Travel Diaries allows you to incorporate different kinds of maps in your diary, to show people where you’ve been. You can add two types of maps to your journal.

Drag pins on a map in Travel Diaries

Drag pins

With this option you can select any part of the world map and zoom in as you like. Drop pins on the places you’ve visited. For example, to show which sites of a city you’ve visited!

Show your route on a map in travel Diaries

Travel routes

With this option you can capture your travel routes! Start by entering your starting point and enter all locations you’ve visited during your trip or in a certain country. The route is automatically drawn for you!

Share your diary with all your friends

Share your journey

Make your diary public

Would you like to share your diary with your friends and family at home? Make your diary public! For each individual chapter, you can decide if you want it published or not. Once you’ve selected the stories to share, they are converted to a beautiful blog.

Order your diary as a printed book

Is your journey over and your diary completely finished? Order it as a printed book to make sure your travel stories will be saved forever. You can even choose to download your travel diary as a PDF file!

Start capturing your travels!

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