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Traveling will never be 100% ecologically responsible, but by making conscious choices while traveling you can make a big difference. Immerse yourself in a destination and ensure that you do not contribute to animal suffering, opt for environmentally friendly activities, sleep in eco-hotels, and participate in nature conservation projects.



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Travel Diaries Team - Verena Asser

Verena Asser

Graduated fashion student with a passion for sustainability and outdoor adventures. Traveled through Australia in a self-converted camper van.

Travel Diaries Team - Paulien van der Werf

Paulien van der Werf

Photographer who prefers to go back-to-basics on foot for several days with a backpack and her camera. Hopes to make Scotland her home someday.

Travel Diaries Team - Melissa de Raaij

Melissa de Raaij

All-round creative preferably exploring nature 24/7. Responsible travel (by train) and going on sporty adventurous are her biggest hobbies.

Travel Diaries Team - Ellen van der Aa

Ellen van der Aa

From rafting in the South of France to camel riding in Egypt: Ellen is always looking for adventure and unforgettable moments.

Travel Diaries Team - Sandra Roodenburg

Sandra Roodenburg

In addition to her work as an occupational and organizational psychologist, she is an adventurous mother who builds beautiful memories with her family.

Travel Diaries Team - Veerle Witte

Veerle Witte

Travel journalist for National Geographic Traveler. She wanted to develop a new way to capture and share travel memories for ever: Travel Diaries.

Travel Diaries Team - Kayleigh van Proemeren

Kayleigh van Proemeren

Used to be homesick, now prefers to go adventures every day. After her world trip through Asia, she is planning to travel to South America when she can.

Travel Diaries Team - Paula van de Kamp

Paula van de Kamp

Travel addicted writer, illustrator, designer and photographer. Lost her heart to Guatemala, where she lives and works a couple of months a year.

Travel Diaries Team - Zoë de Goede

Zoë de Goede

Belgian journalist. Lives in the Netherlands, with her mind in the rest of the world. Never leaves home without a pen and notebook.