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North America

From the world cities in the United States to the vast national parks of Canada, from the pristine jungles in Costa Rica to hundreds of deserted palm islands off the coast of Panama. Celebrate in Mexico, visit ancient ruins in Guatemala and swim with wild manatees in Belize. Discover deserts, huge forests, deserted roads, snow-covered peaks and rare animal species in the beautiful North-America.

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United States 02.06.2020

The ultimate road trip: the Big Sur

Kilometers of coastline, winding roads, deserted beaches and spectacular viewpoints. Open your windo...

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Canada 14.07.2016

The best place in Canada to spot killer whales

Western Canada is one of the best places in the world to see whales and orcas in the wild. We depart...

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Cuba 02.05.2016

10x Reasons to travel to Cuba right now!

Cuba has about everything a person could be looking for in life: rum, cigars, live music in the stre...