From deserts to jungle: on this second largest continent on earth you will discover vast savannas full of animals, white beaches lined with palm trees and remote villages where traditional peoples live. Come face to face with elephants, lions and rhinos on safari or swim with wild dolphins and whale sharks. Africa is the place to be for nature lovers!

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Réunion Island 02.06.2020

VIDEO: The most beautiful part of France

Many people have never heard of Réunion: a French volcanic island in the Indian Ocean, with overwhel...

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Réunion Island 01.06.2020

Réunion Island: a volcanic dream destination

Colorful Creole villages are tucked between rugged green mountains, roads sway in sharp curves up an...

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Africa 01.06.2020

Ecolodges in Africa that'll make your jaw drop

Discover incredible, remote ecolodges in Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, the Seychelles, South Afr...

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Mauritius 26.03.2019

The taste of diversity: food tour in Mauritius

Chilicakes, steamed dumplings and the Mauritian variant of Indian roti: during a food tour through c...

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