From white beaches, kangaroos and the largest coral reef in the world in Australia to rare birds, deep fjords and snow-covered volcanoes in New Zealand, from diving with whales in French Polynesia to sleeping in the shade of a palm tree in Fiji. Discover jungles, waterfalls, deserts and glaciers in Oceania, the continent with the most remote places in the world!

Blogs in Oceania

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Austria 03.06.2020

Sunrise flight over Australian wine fields

Soar above Australian vineyards of the Yarra Valley as the sun rises and kangaroos jump past. I jump...

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Australia 14.09.2016

Highlights of the Great Ocean Road

Long white sandy beaches, mysterious rain forests, winding roads along the coast and gigantic rock f...

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New Zealand 06.09.2016

Kayaker dives into the water with orcas

Sam Kynman-Cole captured a spectacular meeting between a kayaker and a group of orcas in Army Bay, n...

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