South America

Hike through impenetrable jungle and stroll through colonial streets. Celebrate Carnival in Rio and climb to the highest peak of Machu Picchu. Dance the tango in Argentina and go surfing in Ecuador. Swim with hundreds of sea lions off the Galapagos Islands and ride a 4x4 across the largest salt flat in the world in Bolivia. South America is a content of extremes.     

Blogs in South America

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Chile 21.04.2017

Impressive timelapse of Patagonia

From impressive rocks, dancing clouds and bright blue lakes to unbelievable starry sky and far-reach...

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Bolivia 16.01.2017

Magical video: the largest salt flats in the world

Who doesn't know it? The largest salt flats in the world, located in the Andes Mountains in southwes...

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Peru 16.09.2016

Stay overnight at a cliff in Peru

Interested in an exclusive adventure at 400 ft. high? Then this is something for you!...

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