Sustainable travel

Traveling will never be 100% ecologically responsible, but by making conscious choices while traveling you can make a big difference. Compensate your CO2 emissions when you fly, take the train or go sailing. Immerse yourself in a destination and ensure that you do not contribute to animal suffering, opt for environmentally friendly activities, sleep in eco-hotels and participate in nature conservation projects. Make sure that you do not have a negative influence on a destination, but that you make a positive contribution. Read our blogs about sustainable travel!

Blogs in Sustainable travel

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Travel tips 03.06.2020

5x Train journeys to add to your bucket list

From a train journey through the Australian outback and a ride along the Canadian Rocky Mountains to...

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Africa 01.06.2020

Ecolodges in Africa that'll make your jaw drop

Discover incredible, remote ecolodges in Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, the Seychelles, South Afr...

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Travel tips 01.08.2019

Essential green travel gadgets

Minimizing your carbon footprint while traveling starts with packing. The following 6 eco-travel ite...

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Jordan 06.04.2019

Jordan: Stargazing at the Feynan Ecolodge

Hidden away in Jordan's largest nature reserve you'll find the Feynan Ecolodge, one of the most beau...

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Mauritius 26.03.2019

The taste of diversity: food tour in Mauritius

Chilicakes, steamed dumplings and the Mauritian variant of Indian roti: during a food tour through c...