In the land of Oktoberfest, bratwurst and Christmas markets you will also find vibrant cities and beautiful nature. Germany is the perfect destination for a weekend away close to home, or a multi-week holiday with a real foreign feeling.

The most beautiful places in Germany

You will find beautiful German nature and cities close to the Netherlands and Belgium. Soak up the sea air in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania or cycle through the rolling hills of Brandenburg and Lower Saxony. Follow meandering rivers such as the Elbe or Moselle or gaze into clear blue lakes in the German Alps. Walk through the vast forests in the Black Forest or the Eifel and imagine yourself in a fairytale in one of the many castles in the most beautiful locations in Germany. You can soak up culture in cities such as Hamburg, Cologne, Dresden or Lübeck. Spread across Germany are 41 objects on the UNESCO World Heritage List. End your day with a German wine or a large pint of German beer. Anyone who likes a bit of activity should not miss the Oktoberfest and Christmas markets. Wherever your interests lie, you can easily put together your ideal holiday in Germany.

Hiking in Germany

You will find beautiful hiking areas scattered throughout Germany. The Eifel, a low mountain range with extensive forests, authentic villages and green valleys, lies across the South Limburg border. The three hundred kilometer long Eifelsteig is one of the most beautiful hiking routes in Germany and the Wildnis Trail and the Lieserpfad are also recommended. Just across the border from Enschede you walk over a vast, wooded ridge with a picturesque village here and there: the Teutoburger Wald. One of Germany's oldest and most beautiful hiking trails, the Hermannshöhen, crosses the area. Further south you will find the Harz with mountain peaks up to 1142 meters high and endless spruce and beech forests. The 97 kilometer long Harzer Hexen-Stieg takes you along the most beautiful places in the Harz. Those who prefer to walk in mountain scenery will visit the German Alps. Hike past clear mountain lakes and waterfalls and through narrow gorges. For an adrenaline shot you follow one of the Klettersteigen. For a beautiful view of the Alps, you walk through the Swabian Alb, a large plateau with deep valleys and breathtaking viewpoints.

Cycling in Germany

Germany is a very suitable and varied destination for your cycling holiday. In Germany you will find a cycle junction system as we know in the Netherlands, so that you can easily put together your own cycle route. Beautiful, thematic cycling routes have been set out throughout Germany. You can do these multi-day cycling tours in their entirety, or choose the most beautiful stages. Cycle past fairytale castles and fortresses on the 960 km long 100 Schlösser Route in the Munsterland. The Mosel Radweg is a 251 kilometer long cycle route along the Moselle. Start your cycling holiday in historic Trier and meander through the Moselle Valley in the Rhenish Slate Plateau. Along the way you pass many wine slopes and wine villages, where you can enjoy a local wine in the sun. You will also find a beautiful multi-day cycling route along the Elbe, the Elberadweg with a length of 1,200 kilometers. The cycle route starts at the source of the Elbe in the Czech Giant Mountains and winds the last 840 kilometers over German territory through Hamburg, Lutherstadt Wittenberg and Dresden, among others. Along the way you can enjoy views of the winding Elbe, old city centers and fairytale castles. You can enjoy completely different views on Werse Radweg, a 125-kilometer cycle route through the Werse basin. Here you will marvel at old water mills, historic cities and the colorful patchwork of the agricultural Münsterland. Those who prefer to visit the mountains for a cycling holiday will cycle (part of the) 273-kilometer round trip around Lake Constance. Enjoy the unique landscapes of Germany, Switzerland and Austria, buy local produce from the farms en route and have a picnic on the shores of the lake.

City trip in Germany

Germany is a popular destination for a city trip close to home. In summer you can enjoy the sun on the terraces, in winter you drink mulled wine at the atmospheric Christmas markets. Pay a visit to the capital Berlin, where in addition to visiting the historic buildings, you can have a picnic at an airport and sunbathe on a city beach. Hamburg also suffered a lot in the Second World War and is now a modern city with famous musicals and music festivals. Closer to home you will find Aachen, the city of Charlemagne and the largest thermal springs in Europe. Cologne is also very suitable for a weekend away just across the border. Visit the many museums, such as the former Gestapo headquarters and the famous Cologne Cathedral. If you want to imagine yourself far back in history, visit Fürth, which was already mentioned in documents in 1007, or medieval Lübeck. For the best October festivities you visit Munich and the most beautiful Christmas market you will find in Dresden.

Winter sports in Germany

Anyone who wants to enjoy winter sports close to home will travel to Germany. As the name suggests, Winterberg is a popular destination for downhill and cross-country skiing. You can also go for a winter walk in Winterberg. In the mountainous Hochsauerland you walk through rolling, snow-covered hills and end your day in a cozy restaurant in Winterberg. The wooded Eifel and the Black Forest change under a layer of snow into a true fairytale landscape, where you can hike (snowshoe) and cross-country ski to your heart's content. At the end of the day, warm up with a drink and a German bratwurst with curry sauce.

Roadtrip in Germany

You can go to our eastern neighbors for epic roadtrips. Thematic driving routes have been set out throughout the country. For example, follow the 450 kilometer long Alpine route past mountain lakes, monasteries, castles and Bavarian villages. The 350-kilometer-long Romantic Road, less than a five-hour drive from Utrecht, is a perfect route for a weekend break in Germany. The signposted route takes you through the hidden treasures of Germany, such as the historic city of Augsburg and the botanical gardens of the Schaezler Palace, and more famous places such as Neuschwanstein Castle. Fairytale enthusiasts are welcome on the Fairytale Route in honor of the Brothers Grimm. If you want to visit as many castles as possible on one route, follow the Castle Route along seventy of the most beautiful castles and fortresses in Germany. The 10,000-kilometer Motorcycle Route, which winds its way across the country on B roads, is extremely popular with motorcyclists.

Train routes in Germany

Most German cities can be reached by fast, direct train routes. Travel relaxed to the location for your city trip, without having to worry about traffic jams or parking problems. You can travel from home to the center of your destination by train. Germany is also a perfect destination for a train holiday. Gaze dreamily from behind the train window as you travel through the Black Forest on the Scharzwaldbahn. From the Linke Rheinstrecke between Cologne and Mainz you have views of the UNESCO World Heritage banks of the Rhine. In the old-fashioned steam train on the Brockenbahn you imagine yourself back in time. Enjoy the views and alight at the stations en route for a walk up the mountainside.

Holiday homes and campsites in Germany

When it comes to overnight stays, you will find something for everyone in Germany. Sleep in holiday homes in authentic villages in the middle of nowhere, or spend the night in a luxury hotel with swimming pool in a bustling city. Those who prefer a more adventurous night can book a bed in a tree house, gypsy wagon or tiny house. You can completely relax at the nature campsites in the hills or mountains. In Northern Germany, for example, you can camp on the beach in Mecklenburg-Vorpommer, where it is pleasantly quiet. You can combine a city trip with nature by spending the night at a green campsite near Berlin or Hamburg.

Your Germany adventure

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