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Cherry blossom madness in Japan

Have you had enough of the cold and gloomy winter weather? Then travel to the village of Kawazu in eastern Japan to celebrate the beginning of spring under the no less than 8,000 blooming cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossom madness in Japan by Paula van de Kamp

Paula van de Kamp

Photographer:Kumiko SHIMIZU/Unsplash

Everywhere you look, the view is dominated by the pink Sakura trees. Although the flowering season in most areas in Japan only starts in March or April, you can enjoy this colorful miracle much earlier in Kawazu. No trip to Japan planned? Brighten up your day with these photos!

Colorful cherry blossom flower also known as SakuraFoto: David Emrich/Unsplash

How come the blossoms are already blooming in this village? This has to do with the location of Kawazu, which makes it a lot warmer in February than in the rest of Japan. Because most tourists do not know that the flowering season starts a month earlier here, you'll find mainly Japanese people visiting this village.

Biking under the sakura trees and cherry blossom flowersFoto: Jonathan Kim/Unsplash

The time that the cherry blossoms are in bloom is also called the hanami season, which literally means ‘looking at flowers’. Many Japanese people come to these Cherry Blossoms Festivals with their friends and family to celebrate the beginning of a new working or school year here while enjoying food and drink.

Local Japanese in traditional clothing under cherry blossom treeFoto: bady qb/ Unplash 

Cherry Blossoms have a symbolic meaning and are important for Japanese culture. The temporary nature of their beauty is compared to the short duration of life and is therefore also reflected in Japanese art, including many paintings, kimonos or anime drawings.

Illustration of cherry blossom on light brown backgroundFoto: Library of Congress/ Unsplash 

In about 3 hours you travel by train or bus from Tokyo to Kawazu, where a small locomotive transports you through the romantic landscape. For a truly special experience you have to stay until the end, because then the trees will be illuminated and you will find yourself walking through a magical fairy tale. Don't miss it!

Boats on the water during under cherry blossoms during sunsetFoto: Yu Kato/Unsplash

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