Folegandros: the hidden gem of Greece

From wonderful beaches and white-blue houses to adventurous nature walks and clear blue sea water. Folegandros has it all and is the perfect destination to escape the bustle of the larger islands!

Folegandros: the hidden gem of Greece by Paula van de Kamp

Paula van de Kamp

Photographer:Paula van de Kamp

Small but beautiful!

With an area of ​​32 km2 and a population of 700, Folegandros is one of the smallest islands of the Cyclades. Many tourists combine this island with a visit to the nearby and frequently visited islands of Santorini and Milos. Thanks to the high-speed service from Sea Jets, this often only takes you one hour. From Folegandros you can travel to a handful of sunny destinations. Folegandros has three small villages: the port of Karavostasis, the center of Chora and the vast and self-sufficient Ano Meria.

Top left: View from the balcony of Aegean Star Hotel, where you can enjoy Greek hospitality, fresh breakfasts and colorful views of the port of Karavostasis.

Sunny beaches

You can relax in Folegandros on one of the many impressive beaches. However, the rocky landscape makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to reach these beaches by car. Would you rather take it easy? Go to the Karavostasis harbor or to the Agali beach, located in the southwest of the island, where you can easily get by car or bus. A lovely beach is waiting for you there. In Agali you will find a few nice restaurants and you can easily walk to other, less crowded beaches, such as Galifos beach or Agios Nikolaos beach.

The Agali beach is one of the most accessible and beautiful beaches on the island where you can sunbathe, swim and snorkel.      

Self-sufficient Ano Meria

Ano Meria is a self-sufficient village that is spread over the north of the island. On every corner of the street you will be greeted by colorful window frames and gardens that are in bloom. Every house is surrounded by a large piece of land where people grow crops or keep goats and every now and then a packed donkey comes by. Apart from a few restaurants and small supermarkets, there is not much to experience. To get there, you use the bus service that takes you from Karavostasis via Chora to the north of the island for just under two euros. You can also easily travel the entire island with a rental car, for example from Faros Rent a Car.

The peaceful Ano Meria with the picturesque blue and white church as a landmark.

Boat tour along the wild coastline

Folegandros has a few special beaches and the clear blue water is ideal for snorkeling! Do you want to discover as much beach as possible without having to walk for hours? Then make use of the many boat tours that the island has to offer. You can book a six-hour boat trip with Diaplous Travel, which stops at five different beaches and serves a delicious lunch on board. Reserve a spot on time, because you are not the only one with this idea, especially in high season!

View of Galifos beach and Agios Nikolaos beach, where the boat comes to a stop.

Greek cosiness

For tasty food you have come to the right place in Folegandros! Take a seat in one of the beach cafes of Karavostatis, eat a traditional meal in Ano Meria or get inspired in the center of Chora. Here you will find three attractive squares where you are surrounded by Greek cosiness under the shade of the trees. Would you rather avoid the bustle of the center? Then walk a little further to the Rakentia bar / café for great cocktails and tapas. The Greek salad is delicious and the good music and the impressive view make the visit complete!

The atmospheric squares and streets of Chora and the historic district of Kastro.

Sunset in Chora

What was once designated by CNN as one of the seven most beautiful villages in Europe in 2013 is, in my opinion, the highlight of Folegandros: Chora. Think white-blue houses, colorful window frames and a maze of narrow alleys and the picture is complete. Have your camera ready in the old part of Kastro, which becomes even more beautiful once the sun goes down. For the perfect view of the setting sun you can walk to the highest point in about 15 minutes: the Panagia Church. Make sure you arrive on time because you don't want to miss this sunset!

The ideal viewpoint for the sunset: the Panagia Church on top of a steep rock plateau in Chora.

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