Enjoy the French coast with a glass of wine and a cheese platter, or exercise intensively in the mountains. Whether you want to take a road trip or a walking holiday, everyone will find something in France. Spend the night in attractive holiday homes or cozy campsites and enjoy la belle vie in France.

Beautiful locations in France

If you want to make a list of all the beautiful places in France, it will take a while. Because where do you start? With the magnificent mountains of the Alps, Pyrenees and the Massif Central? Or at the snow-white beaches with clear blue water? The 96 departments (provinces) in France are all so different from each other that every holidaymaker will find his dream place somewhere. If you like culture, you can visit the cities during a city trip. For a dive into history, the many castles in the country should not be missing on your list. Anyone who likes nature, walking and / or cycling can actually go anywhere.

Camping in France

You don't really have to worry about camping in the rain for a whole week in France. The further south you drive, the warmer and sunnier your stay will be. You never have to search long for a campsite in France. Opt for ultimate luxury with a swimming pool, sauna and activity team, or go back-to-basics on a nature campsite as much as possible. Camping at the French farmer is a unique and affordable experience. In the evening you look out over fields full of cows and in the morning the rooster announces that it is time to get up. You can find small and special camping spots in France via, for example

Tip: make your trip to the campsite in the South of France more pleasant by booking a campsite in the North of France or Central France along the way. This way you arrive at your destination rested and discover a new part of France.

Holiday homes in France

In France you will find the most attractive holiday homes. Stay in a hotel, a bed and breakfast (chambres d'hôtes) or a holiday home (gîte). You can of course make your stay as luxurious as you want. Fancy wellness and relaxation? Book a room in a castle that has been converted into a luxury resort. Those who prefer to go back-to-basics for a bit, rent a gite without luxury in nature. Staying in a near-ruin can sometimes be very liberating. For sun, sea and sand, book a holiday home by the sea along the Atlantic coast or the Côte d'Azur. For an active mountain holiday you can book a cabin in the Pyrenees or Alps and for more rolling countryside you can go to the north of the country.

Holidays with children in France

Families with (young) children will find plenty to do in France. On the Atlantic coast you can go sand surfing, horse riding on the beach and spend the night on an uninhabited island. Cruise the Canal du Midi or the waters of Alsace or Brittany or visit fairytale castles in the Ardennes or Alsace. In every region of France you will find activities that are fun for children and adults.

Cycling in France

France is very suitable for a cycling holiday. Whether you go out for a day or several days, weeks or months, there are great cycling routes available for every level. Those who don't feel like calf biters can cycle in the relatively flat Loire Valley or along the Atlantic coast. Hillier cycling routes can be found in rolling Normandy and Brittany. For a big challenge you cycle in the Alps, Pyrenees or the Massif Central. Cyclists can follow stages of the Tour de France, such as the Alpe-d'Huez or Mont Ventoux. French signposted cycling routes are called véloroutes and lead you on relatively safe paths along highlights in the area. You can also put together your own cycling route on voies vertes, the quiet (cycling) paths of France.

Hiking in France

Hikers can indulge themselves in French nature. Criss-crossing the landscape are (mountain) hiking trails and farm roads. Together they form a walking network that is so extensive that it would take you more than a lifetime to walk every meter. Hike through the densely forested rolling hills of the French Ardennes or enjoy ocean views on the Atlantic coast. Look for it higher in the Alps, Vosges, Pyrenees and Jura or enjoy the Mediterranean landscape on the French south coast. For a greater adventure, follow one of the country's long-distance hiking trails - the GR trails.

Winter holidays in France

We flock to France in the summer for sun and pleasant temperatures, but it is also good to stay there in winter. Extend your summer with extra hours of sunshine on the southern French coast, or go winter sports in the Alps, Pyrenees or other higher areas.

Driving holiday in France

For car holidays you are in the right place in the varied landscape of France. For example, take a sunny road trip along the most beautiful coastal cities in the South of France or make a route along the white beaches of the Atlantic coast in the West. Follow the wheel tracks of the Tour de France riders on the Route des Grandes Alps and meander the hairpin turns with breathtaking views. For a road trip closer to home you combine the natural and historical highlights of the French Ardennes.

City trip in France

The large cities in France are perfect for a city trip. We no longer have to tell you that Paris is a must. The other cities in France are also worth a visit. Enjoy a Mediterranean city trip in cities such as Nice, Marseille and Montpellier. You can combine the cities on the Côte d'Azur in a road trip. The cities of Lyon, Bordeaux, Grenoble and Nantes are also perfect for a few days of culture. For a weekend getaway to France closer to home, visit Lille (Lille). Here you will find the Palais des Beaux Arts, after the Louvre the largest museum in France. Strasbourg and colorful Colmar are also relatively to the north.

Tip: most of the above cities are easily and quickly accessible by the high-speed line, TGV or Thalys.

Your trip to France

Have you had your own dream holiday in France? Collect your best memories and photos in your online travel journal. Share your travel story with your friends and inspire others to make such a pleasant journey. You can of course also have your travel diary printed as a book, and dream away on a drizzly autumn day with your sunny French pictures.