Two Amazing Parks

Zion & Grand Canyon, 09/17/2016


Short drive this morning to Zion national park, where we get to spend some time exploring, words cant describe Zion this place is just amazing. They have a bus system which takes you to points of interest and hikes, unfortunately we don't have time enough to do many of the walks. We hop off the bus and go as far as the start of the narrows, then head to the Angles Landing hike which Matt talks me into doing part of, glad he did it was a fantastic hike.

That afternoon we stopped at a little town called Kanab and Denny's Wigwam and curio, another western tourist shop with loads of cowboy stuff, I pocked up a sheriffs badge for a laugh.

By around 3PM we arrived at the second amazing park and possibly the most amazing site of the tour the Grand Canyon


Dropped the bags at our cabin and headed straight to the lodge to see our first glimpse of the Grand Canyon from the Lodge. We hiked the rim for about 2 KM's that evening then settled in at the lodge where we sat back and watched the sunset over the Grand Canyon with a couple of ales.

The next morning I headed off to explore leaving Matt sleeping, got down to Bright Angels Point, it was stunning and I had the place to myself to enjoy in solitude till a couple of sweedish tourists arrived. Then I text Matt so he didnt miss out seeing this fantastic site, he come running up the path as I was walking back to the lodge, he soon caught me on the return trip.


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