Travel Diaries App: journal app for iOS or Android

With the Travel Diaries app, you can quickly and easily create a journal. Write stories, upload photos and choose the layout yourself. Making your own book has never been easier.

For years, Travel Diaries has been the online web editor to create diaries on your computer or tablet. But now you can finally keep diaries on your smartphone, with the launch of the mobile diary app.

Start your first journal today by downloading the free Travel Diaries App from the app stores for Android or iOS.

The Travel Diaries App

The Travel Diaries app is the most user-friendly app for people who want to keep a journal online. With the ability to insert maps and empty boxes, the app is ideal for those who want to keep a travel journal, recipe book, pregnancy diary or baby book. Or maybe you want to capture your life story or that of someone else in a personalized book? You can work on the diaries on any device. You work in the web application on a computer or tablet and in the app on your mobile phone. These are connected to each other, so you can always switch. This way you always have your beautiful memories at hand. With a few clicks of a button, you can order your online diary as a professionally printed book.

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Work on your diary on the web editor on computers or tablets or through the mobile app

Create a diary in the Travel Diaries App

Create a free account with your email address, Google account or Facebook account and start creating your first diary right away. Start a new journal, come up with a title, add a cover photo and choose a style. You can choose from ten different styles, each with a different font. By following the step-by-step plan in the app, you will have your first diary within a few minutes, with a photo cover and personal layout. All these options can be changed later.

Sign up for a free account and work on a diary in the mobile app

Add your first chapter and you can start working on your diary right away. For example, write about your experiences during a holiday or fill the page with your favorite family recipe. Choose a layout with the desired text-to-photo ratio, and instantly upload your favorite photos. Add a map showing your route, or insert a "sticky box" to leave room for sticking paper reminders. The Travel Diaries App automatically saves your changes in the meantime. That way you will never lose special memories. In addition, you can log in with your account from any device and work on your book.

Share your online diary as a blog

Would you like to share your stories with others? With Travel Diaries you choose whether you keep your diaries private or share them. You can even determine per chapter whether you want to make it public or not. Decide if you want to share one chapter or the whole book, and click the share button to share your diary via social media apps, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, or through email.

Each chapter is converted to a blog page. Via the link that is sent, interested parties will immediately find your online diary in the relevant chapter. For example, if you are traveling, it is of course nice to let the home front enjoy it through a travel blog. But maybe you make your own cookbook in the app, and you want to share your recipes as a blog with friends and family? You choose which stories you share!

Share your recipes in a self designed diary

The Travel Diaries diary app: 3 parts

The diary editor in the app consists of three parts: a writing mode, a layout mode and a preview mode. In writing mode, you write your stories, then choose layouts for your pages in the layout mode, so you can then fill them with photos. In the preview function you can see exactly what your printed book will look like. This way you know immediately whether the left and right pages match well and whether you like the ratio between photos and text.

Fill diary with photos, texts and maps in the mobile app editor

Are you satisfied with your book and would you like to have your online diary printed in a book? Click on the shopping cart and you will be redirected to the Travel Diaries ordering software. Here you choose whether you want a softcover or hardcover for the cover, the format and the paper type of your own book. Your diary will be printed and shipped within a few working days. Give your book a nice place in your house and read it regularly to enjoy all your experiences.


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