Create a personalized book - also great as a gift

Would you like to capture your story in a personalized book? Or are you looking for a personal gift? This is how you make your own book!

Create a personalized book

Days, weeks and years fly by, during which we experience countless highs and lows. Babies being born, children growing up, special journeys and adventures that we live ... these are all precious memories that are worth capturing. Maybe you want to write down your life story, make a memory book, keep a personal diary to write down everything you go through or make a personalized book for a friend or family member? Capturing a story in a book is priceless: one of the best things you can give yourself or someone else as a present. So start today.

Capturing your life story or writing your love story is fun and easy in the Travel Diaries diary app, which allows you to combine stories and photos in a digital diary. You choose the ratio between photos and text yourself. Pick a nice style and get started. Writing a book has never been so much fun. You can choose to fill most pages with photos, or let just written stories dominate.

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Personalized diaries with photos, texts, maps and a beautiful cover

Looking for a personalized gift?

Are you looking for an original and personalized gift? Create a personalized book for someone. In the Travel Diaries diary app, you can create your own book for yourself or as a personalized gift for someone else. Photos in combination with stories take us back to beautiful moments from years ago that might otherwise be forgotten. Are you looking for a personal gift for your grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother or sister? Or do you want to surprise your partner or a friend with an original gift? You are always in the right place with a personalized book. To get you started, we've listed a few original diary ideas for you.

• Collect the most beautiful photos and memories from one (or more) of your special holidays together in a travel diary, to relive from the couch.
• Make a diary full of stories of all the beautiful moments you have experienced with your mother, father, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, aunt or uncle. Fill the diary with fun, moving and funny anecdotes and stories and supplement it with your best photos together in beautiful collages.
• Capture your love story. Start with the first meeting and create a timeline to the present with text and photos.
• Give your partner a baby book about (for example) the first year of your little one. Tip: this is also a very nice gift for grandpas and grandmas.

Precious family memories captured in a diary

This is how you make a personalized book

Start your digital diary today and order it as a hardcover or softcover printed book so you can surprise yourself or the recipient with a gift that will last a lifetime.

1. Create an account

Create an account for free and get started right away in your online diary. Start a new journal and continue working on it whenever you want. The diary editor is suitable for computers, tablets and smartphones. The stories in the diary can also be shared with friends or family members in blog form. You decide for each chapter in your diary whether you want to share this or not. You can also keep your diary completely private.

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2. Fill the book with memories

Collect your best photos and stories and put them directly in the online software. Making a book is not difficult. Choose from more than fifty different layouts and choose which font suits the recipient. With empty boxes you leave space empty so that you can stick mementos there in the printed book, such as plane tickets, festival tickets or other special memories.

Travel Diaries editor for web, mobiles and tablets

3. Order your diary

Add a nice cover photo and title on the cover and read your book one last time. Is it completely to your liking? Put it in your shopping cart, choose a softcover or hardcover, and before you know it, it will be on your or your loved one's doormat. For €35.85 you can give someone 40 pages of special memories as a gift. Do your memories not fit on forty pages? No problem, just add a few more pages. We print diaries up to 320 pages. View all information and prices here>

Tip: have multiple copies of your personalized book printed to make several people happy at the same time and order the PDF for only €5.95 so that you can also store it digitally and browse at any time on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Give a personalized book as a gift

Do you want to give the book you made as a gift? You can have the diary sent to your address first, to for example add special memories such as tickets to it, or to write a nice personal message in the front. Is the book complete? Wrap it in beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon and add a card if you like. You can of course also have the book delivered directly to the lucky recipient.

Diary wrapped up as a gift for the holidays

Travel diary, baby book or own cookbook

Travel Diaries' diary app started as a travel diary creation tool, but has since grown into a general diary tool that is perfect for creating any type of book. For example, do you really enjoy cooking and would you like to bundle all your recipes in your own recipe book or do you want to make your own cookbook? Then create your own cookbook by adding your recipes in a diary. Or are you pregnant and do you want to capture the wonders of your pregnancy? Then start a pregnancy diary. Once your child is born, you can then process it in a baby book, to immortalize all the special first moments of your child. For example, you can make a book for each year of your child's life. How nice is it to be able to give that to your child later on? Travel Diaries' diary tool is for capturing any story you'd like to immortalize.

Memories of a pregnancy captured in a pregnancy diary

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