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Ann Cools

Passionate traveler and photographer who does nothing rather than going on adventures in distant countries. With her travel photography and stories she hopes to encourage others to explore the world themselves.

Anna Korenromp

After five years on Curacao and a world trip in 2017, Anna is now discovering the world from her hometown Barcelona. She prefers to stay far from the beaten track and loves to give you tips to do the same.

Charlotte van der Wateren

On a world trip with her boyfriend for over 3 years. Loves adventure and enjoys quiet moments in nature. Always on the road with her pen and notepad and hopes to inspire others by writing about the beauty of this earth.

Ellen van der Aa

From rafting in the South of France to camel riding in Egypt: Ellen is always looking for adventure and unforgettable moments. She loves to inspire you with catchy texts and colorful photos.

Kayleigh van Proemeren

Social media marketer who has lost her heart to the world. Where she used to be homesick, she now prefers to go adventures every day. After her world trip through Asia, she is planning to travel to South America when she can.

Lisa den Boer

Content creator who believes in the power of content to break taboos and motivate. Curious about new places, cultures and people. Hopes to inspire you to follow your heart and take the plunge.

Lotte van der Lubbe

Outdoorgirl from The Hague with a like for good coffee, longboards, climbing, hiking and camping. Loves to go on sustainable adventures close to home.

Paula van de Kamp

Creative travel addict with a big passion for photography and writing, who has been inspired by different cultures from an early age. Recently found her home in Guatemala, where she works as a volunteer and has been discovering more of Latin America.

Paulien van der Werf

Photographer who prefers to go back-to-basics on foot for several days with a backpack and her camera. She searches for adventure in the Netherlands and abroad and hopes to make Scotland her home someday.

Veerle Witte

Travel journalist for, among others, National Geographic Traveler and founder of Travel Diaries. She wanted to develop a new way to capture and share travel memories for ever.

Verena Asser

Graduated fashion student with a great passion for sustainability, awareness and adventure. Made a round the world trip in 2017 and traveled through Australia in a camper van in 2019.

Zoë de Goede

Journalist and editor with one foot in Belgium, the other in the Netherlands and with her head in the rest of the world. Never leaves home without a pen and notebook.


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