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8x Reasons for a long trip to Formentera

Formentera is mostly visited on one day trips from party island Ibiza. A shame, because this serene, authentic island has much more to offer!

8x Reasons for a long trip to Formentera by Jojanneke Hagemeijer

Jojanneke Hagemeijer

The smallest island of the Balearic Islands, with the most beautiful beaches, is just half an hour sailing from Ibiza and, because of that, a popular island for day trips: people come for the white beaches and clear blue sea. But you can easily spend a full week on this pristine island. Discover picturesque villages, cozy beach bars, excellent restaurants, cozy hippie markets, numerous viewpoints and unspoiled nature. From salt flats filled with flamingos to relaxed reggae bars: these are eight reasons for a longer stay in Formentera!

1. Sant Francesc Xavier

In the north of the island lies the picturesque capital of Sant Francesc Xavier. In the center you will find the pearl of the village: the church of Sant Francesc Xavier, a former fortress of the early 18th century. The whitewashed church is really a true beauty, surrounded by cozy squares and alleys, lined with restaurants and boutiques. The city, that is so peaceful in the morning, is a lovely place to start the day with a fresh breakfast at one of the breakfast tents.

2. Café Matinal

One of those restaurants in Sant Francesc Xavier is Café Matinal. It takes some effort to find this restaurant hidden in a cozy alley, but once you're perched on the sunny terrace, it is well worth the effort. The blue and white painted Café Matinal is famous for its wide selection of breakfast and lunch dishes, all freshly made from local produce. The true coffee lover is also going to love this place: the coffee here tastes just as fresh and pure as all the other dishes.    

3. Faro de la Mola

This 192 meter flat plateau is the highest point of Formentera and one of the most beautiful vantage points of the island. Winding hiking and biking routes through unspoiled nature to Faro de la Mola are very worthwhile. Right on the edge of the cliff you'll find the oldest lighthouse on the island, where you will be overwhelmed by the view over the sea. Here you just want to sit down for hours, in the company of the many green lizards, and stare...    

4. Hippy market La Mola

When you visit the high cliffs of Faro de la Mola on a Sunday, don’t forget to visit the nearby hippy market La Mola. This small market is open on every Sunday from 16:00 in the village of Pilar de la Mola. Many colorful products such as clothing, jewelry and accessories fill the small stands. Also, during the high season, performances and workshops are given. Many sellers of this hippy market are from the first generation of hippies, that settled in Formentera in the 60s, seeking for tranquility, peace and the freedom on the island.

5. El Pirata Bus 

A popular meeting place on the island is the cozy beach bar El Pirata Bus. Over 30 years, the ritual here is to jointly sing to the setting sun, while enjoying good music, having ice cold drinks and delicious tapas. This intimate spot, located in the dunes of Platja de Migjorn is like a beautiful dream come true at sunset.

6. Blue Bar

After a day of touring over the winding roads of the island, Blue Bar, also located on Platja de Migjorn, is the perfect place for you to relax and recharge. While sipping from a fresh cocktail, and listening to some reggae, jazz or pop music in the background, you enjoy the soothing and dazzling surroundings.

7. Ses Salinas National Park

A sight not to be missed is the salt flat in the northern Ses Salinas National Park, that is on Unesco’s World Heritage List. Bumpy roads take you past pink salt lakes and little salt bumps. If you are lucky you will see flamingos flying past. Although some people may find the smell around the saltpans a bit unpleasant, the unique beauty of this special park makes it all worthwhile.

8. Fishing town Es Calo

Upon arrival, the fresh fish smell meets you in the streets. Es Calo, an old fishing town that was founded by monks in the ninth century, is the place to be for a good piece of fresh fish. At the beautiful, idyllic beach you will find many restaurants, almost all with a magical view of the rough sea. And if the sky is clear and you look into the distance, you can see the island of Ibiza. I think I’m going to stay here a little while longer.

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