Day 4: Adventures of Neil

Neil Island

Now it's time to bid goodbye to the amazing island, an island that has given me a lot of experience and lovely memories. I will miss the cool breeze in afternoon,Scuba, the corals and fishes, shade of the Shangrilas coconut trees, white sand of beaches ,sexy roads on the hilly island, night stargazing , sunrise , moon rise, rainforest of radhanagar beach, 1 Litre coconut, amazing weather, food under the shade in Shakahaar, chaat in leaves , antaakshari in sea, castle building.....haah an experience worth remembering. Thank you Havelock.
But how could be skip a last goodbye to the best beach ever, So I and Harish went to the Radhanagar beach skipping our breakfast. We had the coconut water at our aunty's shop and

then went straight up to the beach as we had less time. We went to see if we can go to the Elephanta Beach trek as it was closed due to some unavoidable reasons. But we were not allowed to go there. It was a very hot and sunny day. The beach was burning. But it looked really beautiful to see the amazing beach in whole sunlight.
We decided to go the "Ancient Shiva Temple" located at the beach itself and also travel the beach line. So we crossed through some shady trees and some little backwaters . We found some unique flowers and fruits on trees. On our way we found TAJ HOTEl beds on the beach. We visited the temple and traversed the beach line. Now saying last goodbye to the beach we returned to the resort as it was our time to travel to Neil Island. We sat for some time at the Vijaynagar beach , for the last time my feet were dug in the amazing white sand .
We boarded our Makruzz to Neil Island and upon reaching we checked in our beach resort "Tango Beach Resort" . It was located on Laxmanpur Beach No. 1 ,a complete corals beach . The view of the huts with the dense trees was very amazing and

very comfy. The rooms were super luxurious. They offered us the chilled Rasna , it was like an elixir in summer. We rested for a while and upon changing clothes and rented scooties to go to Bharatpur beach for water activities.
Neil Island is just 8 kms by road . Now we were covering the longest stretch possible (haha). We stopped at Petrol Pump , here even petrol pumps are not open 24*7 . They close very early so one should have optimal amount with them . After filling our tanks we went to the beach and had lunch in first place . We order very delicious food which included , Schezwan noodles , Manchurian, Hakka Noodles , Veg Biryani and cold drinks. The food was really very tasty . And the location was also amazing . The siiting area was on the beach itself . Upon imagining the location and the food my mouth starts watering.
After this we booked a package of water sports comprising Snorkelling, Glass boat ride, Jet Ski, Banana Boat ride at just Rs. 6000/- for 6 people. And we are about to get some thrilling experience (cheers).
First of all we went to GLASS BOAT RIDE , it is a boat with magnifying glass on it's surface to have a better view of the world underneath. There were so many corals, so magnificent.
Then we went for SNORKELLING, Oh it was so much better here, as you are not disturbing the fishes ,one can see bunch of them flowing underneath them . The glass of the head mask was also magnifying and sometimes I felt like I was going to hit the rock and out of fear I held my legs up but it was not required as it was only an illusion due to the magnifying glass. It was really an amazing experience.
After that they took us for JET SKI, the stunt man asked me if I wanted risky ride and yes I was in . It was totally a fun experience to get jumps with the waves and to get completely wet from the waters.
Last we went for the BANANA BOAT RIDE and it was like a slow ride in the ocean(hahah) and then they turned us around in water( so salty). We floated for a while and as the sun was about to set we decided to go to "SUNSET BEACH" to observe the magnificent view.
Mine scooty was the 1st one to leave followed by Gp's . Vikas Sir was the last. We reached there 20 minutes before and observed the beautiful magnificent view of the setting sun. It was a beach curved on one side and the waves from one side were crossing the one coming from the other side . There were mangroves on one side and the whole beach was very perfectly covered with leaves fallen from the trees. There were so many shells on the beach and the whole beach under surface was covered with corals and shells and rocks .It was impossible to move in there .
I collected a lot many shells in there . After sunset there was an incidence awaiting us. Vikas and Devpriya had fallen from the

scooty and had scratches over there knees and arms. We went straight to the hospital and they received there first aid over there. We brought them juices and biscuits. Luckily the injuries were superficial and nothing major was there. We took them to the hotel and we ordered food for them in the resort itself and then we went to the "SHAKAHAAR" over there. This is a typical restaurant but was no match in food and location as of havelock . The food was so spicy , we literally completed our food with water and curd. We had gulab jamun. Then we went back to the resort. On our way we bought lassi, juices. We gave them the Haldi Dhudh. Then we had a good game of cards.
We(I,Harish,Gp,Divyakshi) had planned to go to see the sunrise at "SITAPUR BEACH". So we needed to get up early in the morning .

So in this way our eventful day ended . (tadada)
I was looking at the next eventful day. GoodNight.
So our route was: Jetty-->Tango Beach Resort-->Bharatpur Beach-->Sunset beach-->Neil Kendra-->Tango Beach Resort-->Shakahaar-->Tango Beach Resort


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