Day 5: Last But Not The Least

Neil Island

31st March,2019 was going to be the last eventful day of this amazing trip, so how it could be normal. So I, Harish and Gp got up at 5 in the morning and as expected Divyakshi ditched us (haha). We freshened up and went straight to the beach . We thought we are late but we were not and upon reaching there we had a cup of lovely and refreshing masala tea. Then surprisingly the tea stall owner asked us ,"How are your friends?" and we were like "How do you know" .Then he told us that he opens a small shop at sunset point in evening and the morning he works here . Then suddenly I realised how actually small this island is.
We took our tea cups at the beach and enjoyed the small sips with the rising sun. It's so beautiful and magnificent to see the rising sun. Some dogs were bullying a small single dog and would have actually killed him if a foreigner woman would not have helped him daringly. She came with her chappal and was hitting hard on the bullying dogs and luckily they didn't bit her and released the dog. That instance of that brave woman was the thing that I wanted to write the diary so that I don't forget that instance.
After the sunrise, Gp and Harish started "STONE SKIPPING". Stone skipping (or stone skimming) is the art of throwing a flat stone across water in such a way (usually Sidearm) that it bounces off the surface, preferably many times. They were successful in making 5-6 bounces. I had never done it before so I was unsuccessful in my many initial attempts but then I with my pure dedication(hehe) I was able to do maximum 3 bounces(yes....yipee). After that we collected many shells and corals. There were so many beautiful corals over there. As you walk on the beach your footprints were formed and the pattern was so beautiful but it was alive until the sea doesn't wash it away. We clicked pictures hung on a scary tree and jumped across boulders where the waves hit high (Oooooooooo). I came back from there as the waves were rising and were very strong to be stable and also the sand beneath foot was rapidly shifting.
The sand here was very different from that of the Havelock. Here the sand was dry and brown and has less moisture.On our travel route we has seen the dry tillas of sands . It seemed like it was a very dry and less rainfall area . A complete contrast to Havelock. The quote fits here perfectly "Water Water Everywhere Not A Drop To Drink".
From there we planned to go to the "NATURAL BRIDGE" also known as "HOWRAH BRIDGE" . It is a natural bridge formed of corals only. It's a very unnatural in it's own. We reached there after climbing few stairs. The beach was covered only with corals and rocks . It was under wildlife preservation. It was low tide at that time but at 6 am there was no plain land to travel. So we have to climb the coral rocks itself. They were pointed rocks and were slippery. It was very risky to jump over them and if one fell down meant a lot of injury. But the view standing on the rocks was incredible and amazing. We went upto the Natural bridge clicked some pics and then started observing the marine life over there.
There were CRABS ,Fishes , and big STAR FISH stuck in backwaters and SEA CUCUMBER. I saw trees that were shaped by winds, means if you look at them you will think wind is blowing but actually it's not. After observing the beautiful marine life and bridge we decided to return. We reached the top stairs and got hold of the "CONCHSHELL" (Shankh) at a shop. They were so huge. The shop owner told us that their farming is done and then the divers look for them in the sea and remove the creature inside it which then dies eventually.
We had coconut water at a shop over there and had malai of it. It had less water but was good. Then we set off from there.We went to the beach line adjoining our resort.We started at some point away from our resort. There were empty shops there.No other person alive.It was serene and beautiful. We started to walk barefoot on the beach, we used to do that in havelock too, when the sea water soothes our barefoot ,it's just amazing. We collected so many shells and some had live with carbs in it. The shells over there were so colourful. I was lucky to get a ConchShell with no creature inside.
We walked till the sunset point. We closely observed the waves crossing each other and the darkish blue colour of the sea. We wanted to go upto mangroves but had no time for that. The beautiful beach with no person there and just leaves ,corals and us.
Then we started to go back to our scooties on foot by roads in the woods. So tall trees and shady. It was amazing as if on some trek. Then we set back to our resort.Reaching there we went to have our complimentary breakfast of Idlis, Upma, Juice, Parantha ,Curd and much more. The breakfast was very delicious. The curd was thick and tasty so I made lassi of it. I blended the curd with some water and kali mirch namak .It was yummy and refreshing in hot weather. Then Vikas and Devpriya were taken to hospital for dressing and I was dropped with all luggage at the jetty. I spent my time having refreshing nariyal paani. I called them as it was getting late to board the Makruzz. They reached 10 minutes before but somehow the Makruzz left before time and we were made to wait for the government ferry. Makruzz officials did wrote on the slip to refund the total amount.
It was as if God was on my side to fulfil my wish to witness the vast ocean in an open top ferry. Vikas and Devpriya sat comfortably inside and we went on the top to witness the great ocean. We took the shade of the captain's shed and there was cool breeze blowing with water showers on face. It was amazing.
Then we witnessed an amazing creature, that I hadn't heard of earlier,"THE FLYING FISH". Sometimes 2-3 emerged in bulk. Flying fish can be seen jumping out of warm ocean waters worldwide. Their streamlined torpedo shape helps them gather enough underwater speed to break the surface, and their large, wing-like pectoral fins get them airborne. Then we started to enjoy the vast blue ocean and wished to see the pack of dolphins but we couldn't .
On our way we saw Ross Island and we landed at Port Blair jetty in afternoon. From there Vikas, Devpriya and Divyakshi went in an ambulance and we three started walking. Somehow the ambulance dropped them at the wrong gate. Now the funny thing was Divyakshi came alone towards us. When we asked "Where are they?", she replied "I wanted to check if I am on right route"(hahahahhha). Our autowalas were completely shocked by the round ferries. Then Vikas sir with Gp headed towards airport and Devpriya and Divyakshi headed for hotel and we headed for Makruzz office to get refund. Our refund was made easily and our hotel was adjoining the office only. So we reached there, then Gp came back with Vikas , they went to airport to request Vistara to reschedule the flight but that couldn't be possible .
So now proper schedule and help was made for Vikas for the following day. Now it's time for food. We ordered food from one of the most famous restaurant there "ICY SPICY". Hmmmmmmmm, the foos was delicious and amazing. After some rest the injured were taken to hospital and I and Harish went to "CELLULAR JAIL" to book tickets for the sound show. After booking the tickets we went to "MARINE PARK" for a short walk and had Bhel puri. Marine park was very well built and was very lit.
Sound show was pretty cool and one could have a feeling of nationalism after listening the show. After the show we sat in the park having khatti and mirchi wali "AMBI"(best feeling) and ambi again.Then we went for a complete tour of marine park and on our return journey we had "White Sauce Pasta" at a FOOD TRUCK which was quite amazing and had lots of veggies and mushrooms.
Now it's quite dark but not too late but it's difficult to find autos at this time in Port Blair. We walked upto the auto stand dodging a bull on the road. Roads of port Blair are worth remembering. Then we returned to our resorts. After resting for a while we started watching some comedy videos, I gave a dance performance. We had a little chit chat and then we went to sleep.


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