Day 6: Time To Fly

Port Blair

I woke up early morning to go to washroom and I felt dizzy. I had this feeling earlier also because of lack of sleep so I just avoided it and went back to sleep. We had complimentary breakfast in hotel dining area which was really beautiful but a beautiful architecture and scenery. They were best idli ,vada and sambhar of my whole trip.
We reached the airport in time and boarded our flight. Today the weather was clear and there were no clouds .
Today we were going to witness islands from the top view. And yeah we finally saw them. They were too small from the sky and it looked amazing. We forgot to bring food items with us and now we were hungry so I ordered Paneer Tikka Sandwich and it was super amazing (yummy).
Upon reaching the airport bid goodbye to everyone and boarded metro and reached home. We went to "ANNA KA DOSA" to have lunch and then finally rest.
I thought that the trip ended but a little news awaited us. The dizziness was not fake. A news flashed "9 earthquakes hit Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 2 hours". That was what I felt in the morning.
Now that's called ending with a bang.

Clearly one of the best trips of my life .


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