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Back Home, 11/05/2018

“Having given some thought to highlights have decided that Yoga in the Ganga Kinare overlooking the Ganges and national park had to be no.1, particularly when Nick spotted the children also doing Yoga. The night of dancing at the Aarti was special. The welcome and care from all we came in contact with was outstanding. Last but not least is the joy and laughter within our group. Love and thanks to you all X”. Ann

“I enjoyed all of it, the vibe of Delhi, the sounds, sights and yes even the smells. It was a sensory overload and then to experience the quietude of the Ashram. I loved all the yoga sessions particularly practising whilst looking out over the Ganges. The depth and power of the chanting at the Ashram and practising the sun salutation whilst chanting the same. The surprise of the brisk, breathtaking dip in the Ganges and all the laughter that ensued. I delighted in the camaraderie and closeness of our group and the conversation over meals. I was bewildered but amazed at the aarti and loved joining in with dance at the after celebration. The stunning, heart-stirring view of the Taj Mahal at dawn and the interesting facts relayed by the knowledgeable guide Sanjay. The opulence of the hotel in Agra took me back to a time gone by which was in sharp contrast to the desperate scrambling of the street children trying to sell their wares. India is a complete contradiction that is best viewed through neutral eyes. She worked her magic and opened my heart, loved every single moment of my trip. Thanks Jacqui for organising this trip of a lifetime and for looking us X”. Chrissie

“Beautifully put Chrissie and I am 100% in accord with you. I can only add that I loved the mediation in the cave and had tears streaming down my face . A friend who has visited India many times before texted this before I left and wanted to share. ‘Dear Loretta wishing you a heart felt love affair with India. Enjoy the craziness & the tenderness & the colour. Stay well & I very much look forward to hearing your stories xx’. I can safely say the love affair has begun. A heartfelt thank you again to you Jacqui. Love to all and stay in touch. Xx”. Loretta

“I wish I could bottle all the memories so I could take little sips when I needed to relive our adventure. It certainly would be a fizzy drink!! Thank you all for your friendship. It’s been a joy to read your thoughts. I can’t add anything extra. Oh! Btw I’ve lost 12 pounds without trying xx”. Janet

“I really wondered what I was doing booking onto a yoga retreat with 10 women even when we 1st set off I was apprehensive that I'd done the right thing, but I'd just like to say how wonderful each and every single one of you we're in your own way, making my trip experience second place to the company I had! Even though the india experience lived up to all and more of my expectations the company made it even more memorable and I'd just like to say thank you to you all x. I can't put all my emotions or memories in this message as there's not enough space so I thank you all for making memories to keep with me forever I look forward to seeing all again soon. Namaste”. Nick

“You are all so wonderful and I couldn’t have wished for a better group of lovely people to share such an incredible experience with! Thank you so much! Jacqui I will be eternally grateful to you for arranging it and just been truly amazing! I absolutely loved the whole experience so struggling to give highlights. I love what you have done with the blog! It’s making me want to go back! Miss you all! Hope we can meet up soon xx”. Shelley

“Ok here goes.... come to India, Ann says. Yoga will be at a pace you can do, Ann says. Ashram experience of a lifetime, Ann says. See the great Taj, Ann says. Ok go on then, I finally say! It’s booked, Ann says. Then the bombshell NO ALCOHOL IN RISHIKESH ANN SAYS! Oh heck what have I done???! So with that thought I focused on the peace and tranquillity! Then the day came we arrived in Delhi! I thought my head was going to burst. Sensory overload for a farm girl or was it the onset of Detoxing???”. Sharon

“Like all of you so hard to pick one top memory from our trip I enjoyed so much. Loved the yoga, even enjoyed the meditation which isn't normally my thing, although I apparently took advantage for a quick power nap! Still questioning that though, I was sure I was awake! If I have to pick one I think the best for me was the dip in the Ganges. I was adamant (Chrissie will confirm) that no way was I getting in the water! But the setting was so beautiful, the sun so warming and the lovely cool water I just had to get in. It was so refreshing and we had such a laugh, slightly jaded by the wood floating past, but I even had to laugh at that! I feel I made good friendships whilst away, everyone was so kind, caring, and supportive of each other it was really touching. I got to know you in such a short period of time. Thank you to everyone for making the holiday so special, it wouldn't have been the same without you all”. Anne

“I enjoyed the austerity of the Ashram. Plain meals, cold showers and early morning meditation. Then delighted in the contrast of the Ganga Kinare with its beautiful rooms, stunning studio and fabulous buffets. I agree though Anne, the group made it together with our generous and knowledgeable leader Jacqui. Xx”. Zoe

“My trip to India was magical, fun, interesting , amazing... I’m sure there are other adjectives I could use too. I was honoured to be able to travel with such a wonderful group of people too...memories of this holiday will stay with me until the end! Thank you universe for allowing this to happen and for Jacqui for organising it. I will be forever grateful. There are so many highlights... the Rickshaw in Delhi, Tuk Tuks, crazy roads, cows everywhere, experiencing the Ashram and the peace there, mediating in the cave, bathing in the Ganges, practising yoga overlooking the Ganges and Himalayas. Visiting the Taj Mahal.
The whole experience was magical from start to finish xx”. Linda


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