Meditation, Yoga and Tuk Tuks

Rishikesh, 10/22/2018

So after returning with the toilet roll we all headed off for a much needed early night on the very, very firm beds. The schedule dictated a super early rise for an hour of meditation followed by 90 mins of physical Yoga practice. For me this was the highlight of the trip, this hour long meditation was the best for me, the wind in the trees and the bird song was just perfect. Our young Yoga Guru, Sandeep, was an energetic and enthusiastic shining light. Taking us through a Yoga session that was calm but dynamic, a series of postures and sequences that were fun and challenging but always accessible. Then we all headed off for breakfast almost as enthusiastically as our teacher :)
What to do next? Relax around the gardens? Read a book? Or a crazy Tuk Tuk ride? All of these things were good options!! The sensible people opted for the relaxing and reading in the sunshine. Somehow five of us went off exploring and ended up in the tuk tuk! This was my first ride in a tuk tuk, you see them tearing around and it all looks dangerously mad, so it had taken me while for me to summon up the courage. Having a few game companions certainly helps, after the initial negotiations with a crowd of tuk tuk drivers about how much it would cost to take us to the best cake shop in Rishikesh we jumped in a six seater, not that it was big or anything!! Once we were in actually felt quite safe and very exciting, snapping mad pictures as we sped up the hill towards the Lakshman Jhula Bridge area. We zoomed by lots of cows and people watching the world go by and eventually came to a sudden halt on a little hill out side the Divine Cafe and Bakery!


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