Delicious beers and chocolate, rolling hills, endless walking and cycling opportunities and cozy cities for a city trip. You will find it all close to home, in Belgium. Whether you want a weekend away or a longer holiday, you don't have to get bored in Belgium.

The best holiday destinations in Belgium

Belgium is not big, but offers something for every holidaymaker. If you want to enjoy the sun, sea and sand, you should go to the West coast. Here you will find cozy seaside resorts such as Knokke-Heist and Ostend. Walk the beach, shop in the luxury clothing and vintage stores and enjoy a sumptuous dinner in one of the top restaurants. Those who prefer to wander through endless forests and rolling green hills, are looking for the Ardennes. In addition to peace and nature, you will find charming villages and towns in the Ardennes. Durbuy is the smallest city in the world and a must-see, especially at Christmas time. In the Ardennes you will find so many photogenic places that you can enjoy yourself for weeks.

On a city trip in Belgium

The Belgian cities are ideal for a city trip and weekend away. Look for romance in cities such as Brussels, Ghent, Bruges and Leuven. For example, stroll through the flea market in the Marolles district of Brussels, take a trip back in time in the Historium Bruges or enjoy a terrace in the "beer capital" Leuven. Browse museums in Antwerp and spoil your taste buds in Hasselt. In Arlon, the oldest city in Belgium, you dive into the history of the city and the country. Every city in Belgium has its own atmosphere and hidden gems.

Hiking in Belgium

The Ardennes are very popular with hikers. And that is not surprising: the varied landscape of rolling fields, dense forests and heaths is never boring. The most beautiful walking routes in Belgium are the boardwalk in the swamp area De Hoge Venen and the path along the fairytale river Ninglinspo. For a long walk in the forest, you are in the right place in the area of ​​Durbuy. For an underground walk, visit the largest cave system in Europe. A train will drop you off at the entrance of the Caves of Han, and from there you follow a walking route through illuminated corridors, rooms and halls. You can also enjoy hiking in Belgium outside the Ardennes. Stroll through a sea of ​​blue in April when the hyacinths bloom in the Hallerbos. At De Panne, on the coast, you walk through the Houtsaegerduinen nature reserve full of rare plants. Extend your walk through one of the oldest coastal forests, the Kerkepannebos. More inland, the Kalmthoutse Heide is a must. Walk on the heath with pools and sand drifts that were created during the last ice age. If you want to go out for several days, follow one of the GR or GTA routes. You will get a good idea of ​​the Ardennes on the Transardennaise, a 160 kilometer long walk from La-Roche-en-Ardenne to Bouillon.

Cycling in Belgium

Whether you are looking for nature or culture, in Belgium you will also have a great time cycling. Brave the hills of the Ardennes on an (electric) bicycle, or look for flatter ground in the rest of Belgium. The RAVel network in Belgium consists of roads where you as a cyclist can enjoy the surroundings quietly and safely. Compile your own route from the more than 1400 kilometers of RAVel trails, or follow one of the 45 marked cycling routes. Cycle through history on the Vennbahn, a 125 kilometer long former railway line in Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. The route takes you through quiet valleys, over rolling hills and past abandoned stations, where iron ore, coal and soldiers used to be transported in the past. In the artist village of Watou you cycle from poem to poem. If you want to sit on your bike for several days, you can cycle part of the 1050 kilometer long Maas route. The Belgian part of the route is one of the most beautiful parts of the route, because you cycle close to the Maas and cycle through the Ardennes and cozy places such as Dinant, Namur and Liège on the way.

Take a road trip through Belgium

Belgium is the country for a road trip close to home. Compile a route between the cities of Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent for a cultural car holiday. Those looking for more variety, choose a car route along the coast, via Ypres and surroundings with a rich First World War history, to La-Roche-en-Ardennes in the heart of the Ardennes. Wine lovers drive from Gaume to Bastogne, along the best vineyards in Belgium. Do not forget to visit the old castles and churches and enjoy the beautiful views.

Culinary enjoyment in Belgium

In Belgium they know what good food is. Who is not fond of Belgian chocolate, Belgian specialty beers and Flemish Fries? In Wallonia alone, more than five hundred different beers are brewed, which have been declared UNESCO cultural heritage. Visit local breweries such as Orval Abbey. Chocolate lovers can stock up on pralines or follow a workshop at one of the many chocolatiers.

Campsites and holiday homes in Belgium

In Belgium you can camp at the most fairytale campsites. Camp on the banks of the river Lesse or Ourthe, or pitch your tent right on the beach of the west coast. Wherever you go in Belgium, there is always a pleasant campsite to be found. There are small campsites in the countryside for those seeking peace and quiet, and campsites with heated pools for those looking for a little more fun at the campsite. Do you prefer to sleep in a comfortable bed? You will find a nice holiday park nearby at all the sights in Belgium.

Travel stories from Belgium

Did you have a fantastic adventure in Belgium? Capture it with texts and photos in a photo journal and share it digitally with friends and family. Do you want to inspire others with your story? Then make your travel diary public, so that others can plan their own trip based on your story. You can of course also have your book printed and give it a nice place on the coffee table.