With endless forests, almost 100,000 lakes and 29 national parks, Sweden is every nature lover's dream. There is also plenty to do for culture lovers: go on a city trip to Stockholm, visit the Viking monuments or get to know the Sami culture. Sweden offers something for everyone. Let our stories about Sweden inspire you.

A city trip to Stockholm

The city of Stockholm is the perfect destination for a city trip. Step back in time and stroll through the narrow alleys in the old center, the Gamla Stan. In Norrmalm, the more modern part of the city, you can shop in one of the many design stores. You can soak up culture in the museums, such as the ABBA museum for those who love music and the Nordic museum for those who want to learn about history. In the Vasa museum you can see the oldest surviving ship from the seventeenth century. The Södermalm district is part of the more hip part of Stockholm. Mingle with the locals in cozy coffee shops and vintage shops.

National Parks in Sweden

Sweden is the land of forests, lakes and wide open plains. The Swedish forests seem endless, which is not surprising when you consider that half of Sweden is covered with trees. The forests are interspersed with the almost 100,000 lakes that are scattered across the country. The further north you go, the fewer forests and lakes you see, and the more open plains with mountains. Swedish Lapland is home to the Sami culture and their reindeer, which you can encounter in the wild during your holiday. You probably need a whole human life to fully experience all 29 National Parks in Sweden. Fortunately, it hardly gets dark at night in the summer, so you have extra time to enjoy the landscape.

Hiking and cycling in Sweden

The Sarek National Park is Sweden's most famous nature reserve. Every year the Fjällräven Classic is organized here by the outdoor brand of the same name. Every year, two thousand hikers from all over the world embark on the 110-kilometer hike that is part of the 425-kilometer Kungsleden. Do you prefer shorter walks? Hiking trails have been plotted throughout the country that lead you through nature in a few hours or a day.

Sweden is also a suitable destination for your cycling holiday. Whether you're racing through the hills with your mountain bike, or enjoying the rolling roads in the south, there is something for every cyclist. Take your mountain bike up the mountains of the Åre area, or cycle around one of the lakes with your touring bike. Those who fancy a multi-day cycling holiday, for example, take the route along the coast from Helsingborg to Gothenburg.

Wild camping in Sweden

In Sweden, the right of public access applies, which gives everyone access to every piece of land. You can pitch your tent where you want and pick fruit as much as you want. In fact, almost anything is allowed, provided you take into account the people and animals that live there. Wild camping is the ultimate outdoor experience and something that belongs on every bucket list. Pitch your tent on the shore of a lake, light a fire, catch and prepare your own fish and fall asleep to the sounds of the forest. If you are very quiet you might see a moose stepping out of the forest. Water lovers can choose to rent a canoe or kayak and sail to one of the uninhabited islands in the Stockholm archipelago for a night of wild camping on your private island.

On a road trip through Sweden

With an area of ​​450,000 square kilometers, Sweden is ideal for a varied round trip by car. Combine culture with nature and discover the best that Sweden has to offer. At 790 kilometers from Utrecht you make a road trip through the provinces of Småland and Skåne. Enjoy nature from your car or during a walk, and soak up culture in the medieval town of Ystad. In Skåne you will find Sweden's largest Viking monument: Ales Stenar, a monolith over a thousand years old. You can of course make your car route as long as you want, and the friendly locals are happy to give you tips for the road.

Winter adventures in Sweden

You don't have to get bored in Sweden in winter either. Skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing can be done in one of the many ski resorts, of which the Åre area has been a popular choice for more than 110 years. For a change with locals, join a dog sled or snowmobile ride and catch your own fish through a hole in the ice. Warm up afterwards in a Swedish sauna, possibly followed by a dip in ice-cold water. You can spend the night in attractive accommodation, such as the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. Don't forget to go outside in the evening to spot the Northern Lights.

Capture your Swedish adventure

Are you going on a trip to Sweden? Create an online travel journal in which you can easily upload your photos and stories on the go. Once home you can have your adventure printed for a lasting memory.