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Travel Diaries is a web application that allows you to capture your travels in a digital diary. Add stories, photos and maps in an online editor. It is designed in a way that it looks like you're working in a real book. Customize your diary to your own taste with different layouts and style options!

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Try out our software for free

Work in a real diary on your screen. Our unique software, that allows you design your own diary with text, photos and route maps, in different styles and layouts is now free to try for 14 days. Then sign up for one of our subscriptions in order not to lose access to the account.

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Customize your diary

Make your diary more personal by customizing the style to your liking. The title, date and location display and the main text all have their own formatting options. Give the title a bright colour, for example, or change the fonts.

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Add an unlimited number of pictures

A picture says more than a thousand words. Fill up the chapters in your digital diary with as many photos as you like. Simply click on a grey box in one of our many layouts and add an image, picture or map.

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Fill your diary with keepsakes

Leave some room in your diary for keepsakes, like plane and train tickets, by creating empty boxes. When your diary is printed, the edges disappear and only the text remains. All that’s left to do is paste your keepsakes in.

Why choose Travel Diaries?

Travel Diaries - Easily switch between devices

Easily switch between devices

Work online in our web editor on all computers and tablets, or download our mobile app for iOS and Android in the app stores. You can switch between devices anytime.

Travel Diaries - Never loose your data

Never lose your data

All your journals with stories, photos and route maps are stored safely in the cloud. We keep it safe for you.

Travel Diaries - Work directly online

Work directly online

No need to download any large programs. Just login and start working on your diaries online, wherever you are.

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If you want to order more than one copy of the same diary, you profit from our volume discount of up to 30%!

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Did you know that we also offer the option to order a pdf-file of your diary when ordering a printed version? This only costs you €5,95 extra, and enables you to store and read your journal on all devices.

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Shipping costs start at €4,50 within The Netherlands and €5,95 worldwide

Travel Diaries - Easily switch between devices

Secured payment

Pay safely and easily with on our secured checkout pages with Paypal, iDeal or creditcard.

Travel Diaries - Easily switch between devices

Production times

Ordered your book? We'll get started right away. It takes on average up to 5 working days to produce a hardcover or softcover book.

Travel Diaries - Easily switch between devices

Shipping times

How long the shipping takes, depends on the destination of the package. We will send you a link with all the shipping information.

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