Today we had a walking tour of Florence booked at 11am. The tour company we went on yesterday gave it to us for free because of the other tour we had purchased. And it worked out good!
Today was SO hot. We couldn't figure out the bus system and we were on a time crunch so we just decide to walk to the Tour Company. Between trying to walk fast, lugging our million ton backpacks, the heat beating down on us AND maneuvering through hundreds of people while trying to find our way, Id say we did a pretty bang up job, with five minutes to spare!
The tour was actually very informative and Id wished we would have started off with it when we arrived here. However, it was still nice to know what we had looked at, or little things we would have never noticed. For example, on the Basilica there's a cows head hidden in the corner. One of the builder's wives had an affair with a butcher whose butcher shop was right across from the church. To say "haha it was me" to the builder, the butcher put a cows head outside of his shop that was across from the Basilica. So, to mock the butcher, the builder built a cows head on the side of the church.

After the tour we hiked back to the train station to get lunch and catch our train to Pisa. We arrived in Pisa around 3pm, and found our hotel in no time as the train station was very close. We took some time to book our hotel for Rome and plane tickets to Athens (yay we're all done booking!) and then decided to go explore the city.

Pisa's city center is quite small, about the size of Nicé's. Except it was a lot cleaner and had more hustle and bustle. I actually enjoyed it, it was cute and full of young people. We got asked several times from shop workers if we were studying abroad, so we assumed a university must have been close by.
We of course went to the Leaning Tower where we took some fun pictures. It's actually a lot shorter than I thought it would be. It's also really shiny and white, I pictured it more rustic looking, however it was still pretty. We decided not to go up as the line looked long and we were a little tired.
We stopped for dinner and then gelato. Then we went to a super market and picked up snacks to celebrate being done all of our bookings.
We get to sleep in tomorrow as our train for Rome doesn't leave till 1pm, which we are very much looking forward to!


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