En Route to Canada


Today has felt like the longest day of my life. Luckily we got a few hours of sleep before getting onto our plane to Paris, I passed right out as soon as we sat in the plane seats. From Paris we had an eight hour flight to Toronto and then from Toronto we carried onto Winnipeg. We had no issues with any of the flights or finding our way (thank goodness because we're both so exhausted).

Well, this is end of our journey. All the planning and organizing has come to an end. It's actually really hard to believe how fast it went. Some days were definitely longer than others. There were many times of back tracking, google mapping and asking people on the streets questions. I've learnt so much about different cultures and different ways of life. It's made me more aware and also appreciate where I come from and the people in my life.
Shout out to Gabby for being the best travel partner a girl could ask for. It's hard to find people so genuine these days Gabs, you're one of a kind! Id literally be so lost without. I always knew that I wanted to travel and see new parts of the world. After this experience it's given me an even stronger desire to continue. I'm so much more brave and have the attitude of "You can do anything you set your mind to".
I honestly believe that traveling is something that should be a part of everyone's life at least once a year, it really opens your eyes.

Thanks for following me on my journey through Europe! I loved reading all the comments! I know this is only the first chapter of my travel adventures, so stay tuned for the next :)


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