We slept in this morning but luckily were up just in time for the continental breakfast. Afterwards we walked to a nearby laundromat to FINALLY get some clean clothes (so exciting!)
Florence's bus system is very confusing so it took us a few tries to figure out how to get to the city center afterwards.
Florence is also a lot dirtier and deserted feeling. There's a lot of a graffiti on the walls and business's closed, it was actually kind of odd. Unlike the other cities we've been too, Florence's unique old buildings are only in one part of its city, not the entire place. Our hotel is in a place with modern day buildings (although not very well kept). It kind of puts a damper on the whole mood for tourists, I think.
We went into one of the Unesco World Heritage Basilica's and it was incredible. The sign said that there were no shorts allowed, however Gabby and I snuck in while wearing dresses. It was very very big, and beautiful. It was a church designed with Heaven and Hell in mind. Paintings of representations describing those two meanings covered the enormous ceilings.
Today I noticed my body has started to take a toll on all the running around we've been doing. We've been so busy, making sure we have a hotel booked, how to get to our hotel, how to figure out the bus system, where to store our luggage for the day, making sure we have train tickets booked, making sure we see all the highlights of the city. It's really stressful, I need a vacation from this vacation! We're both looking forward to Greece for that reason.
We walked around for most of the day, stopping for a snack and some Lindor Chocolate gelato, SO good!
At the end of the day we climbed what felt like the longest stairs ever to where Michael Angelo's statue was situated. We also got some amazing views of the city.
We climbed back down and stopped at a little café for dinner where we tried a traditional Italian drink called a Spritzer and some delicious lasagna. The food is so good in Italy.
We bought tickets to take a day trip to Cinque De Terre tomorrow, 6am will come way too early!


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