Barcelona to Vic


Today we checked out of our lovely hotel at 9am. Forcing us to bring our huge backpacks with us on the tram and subway to the city central, making us look like little hitchhikers. Luckily we were able to find a place that rented lockers, to ease the pain off our back.
Once we were there we took a city tour bus, which I would definitely recommend to anyone. It was so handy, it was a "hop on, hop off" type of bus. They dropped you off at a point of interest after describing it on the way there. Then a new bus would pick you up whenever you were ready in ten minute intervals. This tour allowed us to see the breathe taking Sagrada Familia. It was an absolutely enormous church, with immaculate detail. We also saw the marina, beach, former Olympic area, a unique park, and many large shopping malls. It was definitley worth the money.

After that we went back to city central and got a hot chocolate, as it has been windy and a little rainy. We also did a little bit of shopping.

One thing I noticed about Barcelona is the seriousness in everyone's face. Friendliness or even a polite smile was a little difficult to find.

Afterwards we headed down to the train station to get to my friend Anna's house, who lives in a smaller city about an hour away, Vic. We've been screen shotting on Google Maps when we have wifi and using it like a regular map to get around, we found it to be the easiest way. After discussing which route it was and what train it would be, we made the smart choice of wingin' it. We hopped on the train that our gut was telling us and crossed our fingers. And luckily we were right, we were headed to Vic!

A train monitor entered our car and checked everyones tickets to see if they were valid. To our surprise our tickets were incorrect. The man made us pay 6 euros each. Which I was not very happy about, but thankfully we had made a friend on the train who bartered it down for us.

But in the end we made it safe and sound to Vic. Where I finally got to meet up with my friend Anna Garriga, a former exchange student from about 2 years ago. We quickly picked up where we left off as we sat in a small café and drank a lemon beer.

It was so neat and interesting to be inside a Spanish apartment. Her parents welcomed us with open arms and a kiss on both cheeks. We took loads of selfies and then it was time for dinner, here dinner is usually at nine o'clock.

Her mom made us sausage, with rice that had tomato sauce and egg on top, a traditional Spanish meal...I just called it breakfast for dinner! Either way, I really enjoyed it!

Afterwards we continued to catch up and then decided to get some sleep, as tomorrow we are getting up at 6am! Aah!


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