Venice Day 3


I left my heart in Venice. There isn't a place in this world that will compare. Leaving today was hard, I honestly could have spent the rest of my trip there. I feel like I was meant to live in Venice, maybe one day.

We had breakfast this morning and then went to the front desk to buy bus tickets. The hotels machine was unfortunately broken so she gave us directions to a tobacco store that also sells them. I guess we walked into the wrong tobacco store first because as soon as we got there a frail old miserable man began yelling at us in Italian "no tram!!!" Gabby gave her usual "you're a mean man!" finger point and we got out of there as fast as we could! It was actually kind of funny.. Hahaha.
We ended up at the right tobacco store afterwards and got to Venice island without a problem. We left our backpacks at a luggage storage in the train station and we were set.
Today was a nice relaxing day. We window shopped and bought pizza for lunch. It was nice to not feel rushed. I prefer walking the streets and taking in the culture than waiting in a line up for a tourist attraction anyways. It's more enjoyable for me. We lounged on some steps that lead into the water, soaking up the sun.

Later we picked up our backpacks from storage. We got on a train in the evening and then headed to Florence. Arriving in Florence I was determined to not pay for a pricey taxi, so we attempted to figure out the bus system. We met a pretty intoxicated couple while we were outside but they were actually super friendly and helpful. They walked us to the right bus stop and made sure we knew how to get to our hotel. On the bus we realized we were in a sketchy area, as there were women in short dresses standing on the corner of the street. It was late and we were feeling a little uneasy sitting on the bus. Lucky the bus stopped right outside of our hotel. We both agreed we'd just suck it up and pay for a taxi if we ever get in late again.

Our hotel room is a little weird, there's four twin beds randomly put all over the room. We have a nice selection to choose from! This is the fourth day without our wifi working, we're both getting a little bit annoyed and anxious about it. Hopefully it'll work tomorrow!

REMINDER: everyone needs to travel to Venice! You will not regret it.


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