Paris surpassed any expectation I ever had. It is a very big beautiful city. Every building has so much character and is so rustic looking. Unlike how Barcelona was filled with the odd newer building, every single one of Paris's buildings are unique and charming. We started our morning off by stoping at a fruit market and picked up a couple peaches and oranges for breakfast, they were delicious, they tasted so fresh. Everything we have eaten here tastes so fresh.

Then we headed to, where else, the Eiffel Tower.
Gabby and I have quickly adapted to the metro system's, we're a little impressed with our small town knowledge. As soon as we stepped out of the metro it was clear that Paris had a lot more gypsies than Barcelona did. The streets were full of men selling all the same miniature Eiffel Tower figurines. They were so obnoxious and really in your face, asking you to buy from them. It got to the point where you almost had to be rude back to them because they were so annoying.
There were also young girls that were trying to get you to "sign a petition", so that they can distract you while their buddy digs through your bag. We didn't have any of this happen to us though, luckily. But we were talking to a couple who had heard of pretty awful stories. They also told us why there were so many soldiers walking around. That it was because of a recent terrorist attack on a local news paper.
Seeing the Tower for the first time was breathe taking, it's only ever something you see in movies or pictures and it was right in front of me. I couldn't believe how big it was, i guess pictures make it seem smaller than it actually is, because it was ENORMOUS. The second tallest tower in the world. We of course took millions of selfies and pictures in front of it, and met an elderly couple and chatted a bit.
Afterwards we got a crepe and headed onto a city tour bus. Unfortunately, this bus wasn't the best, it was very slow and not all that informative. Gab's got a little fed up and said something to the workers but i don't think it phased them, haha.
One of the places we really enjoyed that the bus took us to was Notre Dame. A beautiful church that has a lot of history in it. It also is the place where Jesus's crown of thorns lays. The stained glass was incredible. It was full of rows and rows of pews, as it is used as an everyday church. I lit a candle and set it on a mantle. We watched as adults and children waited inline for confessions.
The architecture was just beautiful.
After that we got back on the bus to see the Opera House, it also had amazing architecture, even if we did just see the outside. It's so funny to me how this building was so incredible to us, yet all the locals were casually sitting on the steps of it having lunch. I guess you would slowly grow accustomed to the amazing buildings. But for someone like me, it was incredible.
The bus also took us to places like the Arc De Triomphe (famous arch way), the military school, and the Champs Élyées. We also drove down a street named "The most beautiful Avenue in the World". The title was definitely suiting.
After getting off the bus we were a little worn out so we took the metro back to the hotel to freshen up before dinner.
We decided to make our way back towards the Eiffel Tower for dinner, stopping at a cute restaurant on the corner for pasta. After dinner we walked onto the street to see that the Tower was lit up with twinkling lights. It was kind of a "holy Im in Paris, France" moment for me. We made our way to the lineup to go up it. After sometime of Gabby convincing me to go to the very top of it, I some how gave in. We took the elevator up, being squished in by a worker like cattle. We stopped at the middle floor first. We went and leaned over the edge...deciding we didn't want to go to the top after all! The tower was even equipped with its own little boutiques, and a restaurant.

It was now almost midnight, so we darted home as we knew it probably wasn't going to be all that safe in the subway at this time of night.


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