Gabby and I were both very disappointed when we weren't able to purchase train tickets to Cinque De Terre last week. We decided with the train times and our time, it just wasn't going to work out.
In Florence we just happened to stumble upon a Tour office while roaming the streets yesterday. They offered a day trip to Cinque De Terre for a pretty reasonable price, so we booked it without hesitation.
A car came from the company and picked us up from our hotel and took us to the meeting point. I think there was about 50 of us in total, all ages, on our way in a charter bus.
Cinque De Terre is a Island compiled of 5 villages that are all built into the side of the cliffs over looking the ocean. There are no vehicles, and the villages are actually quite small. We both wanted to go so bad, as we've heard its breathing taking.
And it surely was. It was so amazing seeing all the colourful houses almost looking like its floating on the side of the rocks. It was very beautiful. We took a train to the second village. This was the fishermen village, where years ago only fishermen lived in the village, making money by selling fish. The third village we took a ferry, we were both nervous to get on it as the waves were huge and they rolled out this long metal ramp to get onto it. We watched as the ramp went higher and lower with the waves. It ended up being fine, and was actually kind of fun.
This village was very touristy, it was the only one with a beach. Gabby and I grabbed a quick lunch and headed to the bathroom to change. Lately we've been paying to go to the bathroom. Florence being the first place we noticed it. Also, the toilets don't have toilet seats either, something I still don't understand why not. But this bathroom was the first bathroom was used that was just a hole in the ground! We literally had to squat over this hole. So weird!
We made our way to the beach afterwards where we got a little red than brown! But it was nice to just relax. We changed back into our clothes and met the group at the train station to get to the bus.
Like I said before, this village was touristy, very packed with people. We didn't realize how busy it actually was until we got onto our train. I have never been on something so packed in my life. People weren't even sitting on the train, it was just crammed full of humans standing and crouching, anywhere they could wiggle their bodies into. Gabby and I were squished up against the door, we didn't even make into the car of the train, just the entrance. I literally had people pressed up against me, plus it was 30 degrees so we were all stuck together. It was ridiculous. No one had any chance of moving, we were all put in like puzzle pieces. Gabby stuck her iPad in the air and we all smiled for a quick selfie.. Haha.
After what felt like the longest train ride of life, the doors opened and hundreds of people started piling out. I have no idea how I didn't get something stolen, or got lost, but we somehow made it back to the bus. The tour guide apologized and gave us all a glass of Limoncello

for the ride home. I personally think it tasted like Mr. Clean, but everyone else seemed to like it, so I sucked it up.
We arrived back in Florence around 8pm. We had a new Bed & Breakfast booked, because our previous hotel was all booked up. So we were left to find it. We took a bus to the area of town, and after wandering around trying to locate it, we gave up and went into a restaurant where they called us a taxi.
The B&B was not too bad, we had to share a bathroom with everyone else, which was new to us. But it does the trick for one night!


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