We started off our day by a complimentary breakfast.. (A scone and a coffee). Then we decided to just walk, stumbling upon a hop-on hop-off tour bus. Something we really enjoy because it saves us a lot of time with less confusion.
We already noticed Rome is full of hobos, we really haven't seen any until this city actually. Also there's a lot more people in your face here, trying to sell you water, selfie sticks, or hats. Very annoying.
The bus first took us to the Santa Maria Maggiore Church, the best preserved of the five patriarchal Basilica's. It was a nice open church, very beautiful.
Afterwards we went to the Vatican. Gabby and I booked a tour through the Vatican, and wow, we sure didn't realize how big this place was! The church had a museum on the side of it. The tour guide took us too statues and monuments, describing what they meant and how they were important. We even saw the ceilings that Michael Angelo painted.
It was very hot today, but we were not permitted to show our shoulders, so we were stuck wearing our sweaters at thirty degrees.
We saw where the Pope's bedroom window was. And the building where the smoke comes out of the chimney if a new Pope is declared. Black smoke means they haven't found a Pope, white smoke would mean that there is a new Pope.
It was neat to see the area that is usually on TV when the Pope comes out every Sunday to give his blessing. The whole square of the Vatican City can hold about 150 000 people, amazing.
The tour guide also took us into the Sistine Chapel. The Chapel of the Pope's. It was crowded with people, a man over a microphone kept shushing everyone. We weren't able to take pictures unfortunately, but we did see the famous picture of the two hands reaching for each other's (God and man). The roof was also full of Michael Angelo's work.
We continued on, visiting a sculpture who's arm was recently found in the ground. Since the arm was missing for so long, sculptures decided to build it a new arm, pointing in the air. Michael Angelo, who not only was a painter, sculptor, and poet, also studied the human body. In the sculpture, Michael could tell that the back muscles were tightened and said that the arm would have be flexed. The sculptures however did not believe him and pointed the arm in the air. Recently the arm was found, and yes, it was flexed.
After that we got to go inside the church, it was huge! The biggest church in the world. There was a service taking part in one section of the it, the organ chimed off the walls. We watched as people made confessions in the little wooden box shaped rooms. It was just amazing, so beautiful and big. So many rooms.
Afterwards we got back on the bus and headed to the Spanish Steps, we took a picture on them and then continued to the Trevi Fountain. They were disappointingly doing construction on it, so we were only able to see the back drop. But we both agreed it would have been

beautiful had the water been working and if the machines were gone.
After that the tour bus ended and we hopped off, making our way for dinner. Deciding to have a meat and potatoes dinner since we were getting sick of pasta and bread! Good thing we don't have gluten allergies!
We headed back to the hotel and called it a night


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