Mykonos Day 2


We had a nice long sleep in after last night, I think we woke up around noon. I went to go for a shower in our odd little bathroom. There's not an actual shower in it, there's just a shower head hanging on the side of the wall. So everything in the bathroom gets soaked, and to my oh so pleasant surprise, the weird shower was accompanied with not a drop of warm water. That was probably the fastest shower I've had in my life!
Afterwards we went to a bakery where they made us fresh strawberry juice and rice pudding. We had plans to go to Paradise Beach, so we took the bus to the other side of the island. The buses here are so old, and only run every hour, so you can't be late or you're stuck for a while. The roads are so windy and narrow and the bus driver just sped along changing the gears manually. I was a little nervous!
We got to the beach in about thirty minutes. It was pretty packed, and you had to pay money to lay on the chairs, so we decided to just sit on our towels. The water was so blue, almost turquoise looking. It was actually pretty cold too, almost Clear Lake feeling! So we just sun bathed on the sand. There was a small Boardwalk across the beach, filled with a few restaurants and two clubs. We could here the music as we fell asleep on the beach.
We literally just laid on the beach all afternoon, we didn't even move. Mykonos is apparently the windiest island so it was a little bit chilly as the evening got closer. We had dinner plans at eight with the rest of the group so we just hung out at the beach until then.
At dinner we signed up for excursions, Gabby and I are decided to go on a yacht cruise in Paros. We had Gyros for dinner, they were so cheap and so good!
Afterwards we took the bus back to the other side of the island, where we got a hot chocolate and walked back to our hotel to bed.


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