Ios Day 2


Last night we discovered that this place is a huge party place. Once we figured out we weren't being shot but it was actually fireworks going off in the middle of the night, we calmed down a bit. Gabby got up to go to the bathroom at four this morning and said that the parties were still going!
We got up at ten to get yogurt from the little market for breakfast and I'm pretty sure we were the only ones up! We had the whole pool to ourselves.
We went and laid on the beach afterwards, as we bought a sun bed for a euro each. It was so hot today, I think thirty five I heard.
A popular UK TV show, Geordie Shore filmed here this afternoon. There were posters everywhere saying that if you're in this area you give consent to being on TV.
We went to a nearby café for lunch (and for their free wifi) and then headed back to our shacks before heading to a pool party.
When we got to the pool there was a blocked off section just for the TV show, with a huge bottle of Grey Goose sitting on the table. There were camera crew all over getting set up before the Geordie Shore cast came.
The pool party was pretty packed, there were three euro daiquiris on special so the bar area was shoulder to shoulder packed. All in all it was a pretty fun time!
When the cast came everyone crowded in close to get a glimpse. Even though I had know idea who they were, it was still pretty cool. They basically looked and acted like the Jersey Shore cast. One of the main characters pointed at me at one point and everyone pushed me to the front of the crowd! I felt famous, haha.
We all stood on the side of the pathway sticking our hands out while they walked by to leave afterwards. It was a fun afternoon!
We got ready for dinner and went back to the same café we went to for lunch (the wifi clearly worked good there).
We went back to our little campsite area, and showered in the gross bathroom one more time. We headed to bed early as we have to get up at seven to catch the ferry tomorrow!


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