Rome Day 3


Today we had tickets purchased for The Colosseum, so we hopped on the city bus to it. It was even hotter today than yesterday, I checked at 10am this morning and it was already thirty degrees!
You can only imagine how hot it was, walking around the colosseum. But it was definitely worth it, it was so interesting. It's also pretty big! The outside doesn't look anything compared to what the inside looks like. The outside is a rustic cream colour, while the inside is all a brown brick coloured. The bottom of it almost looks like a maze, but we learnt that it's actually where all the animals were kept until they were to go on stage to fight. The "stage" was actually the entire wooden floor of the colosseum, which no longer exists. Leaving us with the view of the caged areas.
It's so neat to think, who else has walked in this very spot thousands of years ago? Julius Cesaer?
After The Colosseum we went to the Palatine Hill, where Romulus and Remus first started the city. The remains of old buildings were scattered all over. A lone pillar stood in the distance, or a crumpled brick building stood like a tree stump.
The Roman Forum also was in the same place. The place of political power. It was also the place where Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by a group of rival Roman senators.
This spot alone in Rome, is full of so many interesting stories.
It's really too bad that the weather was so humid, we got really tired around 4 and decided to head back to the hotel.
Our air conditioning isn't the best so we had a quick rest and then we went to a nearby laundromat, this way we'll have clean clothes for Greece.
While we waited for our clothes to dry we decided to go have one last good piece of pizza in Italy, since it's our last day here. Our waiter was really outgoing and fun, singing to us, bringing us flowers and calling us his girlfriends. It was a fun last night! We topped it off with a piece of tiramisu cake.
We grabbed our laundry on the way back and walked back to our hotel.
Tonight we decided to throw a bunch of junk out of our backpacks since they seemed to be getting heavier. It seems such a shame to throw away a perfectly fine sweater, but I bought a new one so I guess, in with the new and out with the old!
Bedtime, as we have to get up at 630am to catch our train!


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