Venice Day 2


Gabby and I both woke up from such good sleeps this morning, it was our first bed inwhile that was really comfortable, it was so nice!
We headed downstairs to breakfast to find a huge assortment of food, it felt like heaven!
The whole breakfast room was full of elderly people, and after talking to a man, he informed us that a choir group was staying there offered to take us to Florence with him and the rest of the group! We said no as they were leaving too early for us.

Once we left to take the bus and tram to the island part of Venice, we met one of the elderly couples that were in our hotel. They were so kind and offered to show us the way. For some reason Gabby and I seem to be attracted to grandmas and grandpas! Haha!

Getting into Venice island for the first time was the most surreal experience I've ever head. It felt like a walking into a magical land, it's hard to believe it even exists. I cannot even describe into words how beautiful this place is. Every single human on this planet should get to experience Venice, it is like no other. The winding cobblestone streets and old ancient buildings, each one so unique. The best part, there are no vehicles allowed, just people walking or taking water taxi's or water boats. Its so amazing knowing all the extra work business's have to put in on a daily basis, everything has to be walked onto the island. All the food for restaurants, or beds for hotels. It's just so extraordinary. I can hardly wrap my mind around it. I can't imagine growing up here, getting your boating license and not your drivers license. What a unique way of living.
We took a water bus around the Grand Canal with the elderly couple. They actually gave some interesting commentary as we drove by points of interest. After stopping at a market, we said our fair wells and told them we'd meet for breakfast tomorrow.
Walking through the winding alleys was exactly what I wanted to experience in Europe; Stopping at a little pizzeria for a calzone or a bakery for a strudel. It's the exact picture in my mind of what I wanted to do in Europe, I was so content. I even purchased a genuine Italian made leather purse. It was such a fun day just walking the streets, getting lost in twists and turns of the alleys, without any care in the world. We peaked into a couple churches, in awe of the amazing architecture.
Lastly we stopped for a glass of wine with spaghetti and bruschetta for dinner (sooooo so so so good) and decided to call it a day afterwards.


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