En Route to Paris


We woke up bright and early this morning, 6am to be exact, to catch a car ride with Anna's dad back to Barcelona. From there we would catch the metro to the Sants Train Station. So far, Gabby and I have been so lucky with finding our way around, everything has just been falling into place. It helps to make a plan the night before!

Once we got to the big train station we were a little over whelmed as it didn't look anything like the metro stations we were use to. But again, we asked lots of questions from strangers who were willing to help and we found ourselves on a 6 hour train ride to Paris at 9:30am.

In the train we met a couple from Colorado who happened to be traveling the exact same route we were, they were so nice. We exchanged our knowledge from our travel itineraries and said farewell as they left the train at an earlier stop. It's always nice to make friends along the way as it makes for some great memories.

We bought toast and marmalade (toasted bun and jam) and plain unsweetened yoghurt which we added sugar too for lunch/breakfast.

Arriving in Paris, was a huge shock to the system. The train station was absolutely HUGE. I was so overwhelmed with people, and sounds and the heat. Not to mention we had been carrying our 60 liter bags around all day and the train and metro stations consisted of many, many, many, stairs! No wonder everyone here is so fit.

The metro station was much harder to figure out than Barcelona, but what we did notice is that French people are a lot more friendly and willing to help than the people in Barcelona. After about a good 45 minutes we thought we had it pretty well figured out. With our map in hand and our packs on our back we headed out. And after only one mistake, we actually made it to the right part of the city where our hotel had been booked.

Walking up from the metro and onto Paris turf it was blatantly clear that french people are all about clothing and style. We stood out like a sore thumb. Even the hobo on the side of the street didn't bother asking us for money as we hiked by with our huge backpacks. I swear, it felt like a million years walking up and down the streets trying to find our hotel.

Opening the door to our hotel room felt like a dream. It is seriously a hotel room you picture when you think of staying in Europe. We are on the 6th floor in a quaint little building, we walk outside onto a terrace and open the door from there. Our room has two single beds, and a bathroom that has a patio door inside it that leads out onto a private terrace. It's absolutely beautiful, and so affordable, we lucked out big time! Even the location is perfect, just 20 minutes from the Effiel tower. Situated in a cute local neighborhood with small winding roads.

After being in awe of our hotel room for a solid hour, we decided we couldn't live on yogurt and toast any longer and headed out for some grub. We sat down at an outdoor patio and ordered cheeseburgers... Yes, our first night in Paris and we decide to get cheeseburgers. But hey, they were so good.

One thing we learned from the couple on the train, was that you do not tip servers in Europe. That they consider it rude, like you are pitying them. That's something that's hard to get used to. Also, the servers don't come to you unless you wave them down. Something that feels rude for us to do as well, it'll all take time!

Being here for only barley half a day, has already made me so grateful for taking french in highschool (I just wished I payed more attention!) It makes me want to learn french even more. Even small things like ordering food tonight, didn't feel like too big of a challenge as I know quite a few nouns. It's kind of fun to practice even! Shout out to Mrs. Enns!

After dinner we grabbed some things at a supermarket to take back to the hotel and made our way back. Tomorrow we have plans of taking a city tour bus, hopefully to see all the main points of interest.

Xoxo from Paris!


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