En Route to Greece


What a long day today was! We started off by walking to the train station at 7:30am to catch the train that took us to the airport.
The Rome airport is SO big. There's a train station and a metro station in it. We found our way actually not too bad. As we checked our luggage in we noticed almost all the staff in the airport were wearing masks over their nose and mouth. We weren't sure if there was a virus going around or something, but it definitely made us a little worried!
We grabbed a snack before we went on the plane and by then we were all ready to board. Because the flight was so cheap, we were told to expect an airplane that would be not so up to par. But it turned out it was the nicest airplane I've ever been on! The flight was only an hour and half, I fell asleep even before we took off, but when I woke up, Gabby had a full course meal in front of her, haha!
We thought the Rome airport was big, the Athens airport is ten times the size, there's even an IKEA in it, if that gives you an idea. Yes. An IKEA.
Both airplanes didn't pull up to a terminal, but instead we got out on the pavement and were picked up by a bus and dropped off at the doors.
We immediately saw all Greek language, different letters even. Thankfully most had english translation beside it. We got our

backpacks from the conveyer belt and went to find the tram.
Our hostel had directions on which tram to take and how on the website, so we were pretty lucky and made it to city center without a problem.
As soon as we stepped out of the tram station a man stepped in front of Gabby and put a bracelet on her wrist, not letting her walk away. He told us it was to honor orphans or some crap and wouldn't get out of our faces. He said "one euro or even 5 euros will help them" He wouldn't leave us alone so Gabby finally just gave him a euro. Then he proceeded to tell us that that wasn't good enough, so we had a nice little "then take this off of my wrist!" yell, and we were on our way.
The hostel was very close to the train station, and was really easy to find. It's our first hostel of the trip and it's so cool! Athenstyle hostel is the name and I really recommend it! It's really set up for young people, with neat posters and décor. There's even an outdoor bar on the top floor.
Once we got to our room our roommate was asleep so we decided to go walk the streets and explore a little bit. To our surprise we were right beside a little market, selling all types of really really good souvenirs. We decided to scout it out and then when we come back to Athens we'd load our backpacks up, since that's our last stop before home. We instantly fell in love with Greece just from this market.
After that we went up to the rooftop bar because we had a BusaBout meeting. We are going on a Greek island tour, so tonight we got to meet each other. We were the only two Canadians, everyone else was Australian! They all seemed really nice and the tour guide is very friendly. Afterwards a bunch of us decided to go out for a late dinner together. Of course I had to get a Greek salad for dinner.
Then a pair of sisters and Gabby and I went back to the market to explore a little bit. It was starting to get dark and we have to be ready to go at 5:30am tomorrow morning (Greece is another one hour jump ahead in time) so we decided to say goodnight. We are taking a ferry to Mykonos tomorrow.


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