Morning came fast as we were all ready to leave at eight this morning. Our tour group packed into the bus and headed to the port. We got a quick breakfast and then got onto the ferry. We had our own seats on this ferry thankfully, it turned out to be a seven and half hour ferry ride with all the delays.
We had such a strong bond with the Australian I sisters that it was hard to part our ways once we got back to Athens. It was so nice to make such a strong friendship on the other side of the world. We did almost everything together on islands. We exchanged numbers and said our farewells before getting on a transfer bus.
We had the same hostel we stayed at in Athens booked again, same room and everything. It was around four, so we decided to do some souvenir and gift shopping since we don't have much longer to drag our backpacks around. We went back to the market street, everything is so cheap and convenient there. We stopped for smoothies and a wrap before lugging our bags back to our hostel.
We rearranged everything and somehow managed to fit everything into our backpacks (crossing our fingers it's not too heavy!). We thought we lucked out and didn't have any roommates but two South Korean girls came in late. They barely spoke any english, so it was a little tough to communicate. Especially trying to tell them you can't put toilet paper in the toilet.
Laying in bed tonight it still doesn't feel real that this is almost over. All the endless days of planning and saving money, and it's almost over.


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