Barcelona, 05/18/2015

Today started off at 2:45pm... Yes, we really slept in that late! The jet lag kicked in last night and I was up from 3am till almost 8am tossing and turning. Gabby, however, slept right through! We woke in almost disbelief, saying "So....we're in Spain?!" It is just too crazy to comprehend, which I'm sure is what most of this trip will be like!

We decided we were going to go to the City Central. After getting instructions from the lady at the front desk of our hotel, we were off, heading to the Tram Station. Once we got there we realized that there wasn't any english translation on the ticket machine. Luckily, there was a friendly elderly couple (who happened to have once lived in Toronto) that kindly took us under their wing. After getting off of the tram, we said our goodbyes and parted our ways. Then we headed under grown to the subway, buying a two day ticket that worked with all the cities transit systems. I had never been on an under ground system, i clung to my bag to protect it from pickpockets. We got to the city center within an hour and began exploring.

It literally looked like something you see in postcards or movies. The streets were so narrow and the buildings were so tall, with little balconies hanging off of each window. This is what you think of when you think of Europe, it satisfied everything I had hoped to see and it's only the first day! The area was full of little shops and café's that were all so cute and unique. There was no way we could see all of it, the center was huge. A popular street called La Rambla, is where we headed first. It was full of little stands of touristy trinkets. We went inside a large market that had fresh juice that tasted amazing. Meat was hanging, huge smelly fish was laying across ice, macaroons were set neatly across a table. It was a very busy, but a fun atmosphere.

The city center was everything you'd ever think of when the vision of Europe enters someone's mind, it was a great way to start our trip!

Unfortunately it was raining all day, but we made the most of it for sure. We stopped for a sandwich on the way out and watched as a parade of people protested towards women's rights. We hopped onto the subway and headed back for home.

We're now making plans for tomorrow, as this is our last night in this hotel. Should be busy!




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