This morning we had an excursion booked for a yachting cruise around Antiparos with our tour group. We all went to a little bakery for breakfast, I got an apple strudel, it was the best strudel I have ever eaten in my entire life, it was still warm and flakey and the apples tasted fresh. I'm definitely going to get one tomorrow!
We got on a bus and pulled up to a dock to get onto the boat. It looked like a little pirate boat with a Greek flag attached to the top of it. Unfortunately the weather turned out to be cloudy and windy, so it put a little bit of damper on the trip. The area we boated around was very pretty though, there were rocky islands that were so tall. In the bottom of the cliffs were caves that you could swim through. The water was just a little bit chilly but the wind made it a lot colder, so I decided to just watch the few brave people jump in instead. The water is so blue, like a turquoise aqua blue, very tropical looking. It's like that because of the high salt content, which means fish can't live in it or anything else. So you can see straight to the bottom when it's not wavy.
We stopped at an island for lunch, the captain barbecued us some octopus, which people said tasted like bacon, and Greek salad, and tazyki. After that we lounged on the beach (more like curled up in our blankets to avoid the wind). We got back on the boat while the captain sailed along the shore, it's too bad that weather was so crappy, it could have been a lot better. He provided us with free wine and pop and watermelon as was cruised along listening to music over the speakers.
We got back into port and went back to our hotel at five, gabby and I both had hot showers to warm us up. We both laid on our beds for two seconds and before we knew it we were napping. We woke up around eight and went for dinner with the rest of the group. While we were sitting during dinner, I felt like we were still on a boat almost, my head felt really dizzy. I feel fine now, but I got a little worried.
We went and got lemon gelato (my new favorite) before walking back to the hotel and now we're all tucked into bed for another night.


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