Today we woke up and went onto the rooftop of the hostel as continental breakfast was served up there. We had cornflakes, watermelon and bread and jam. The rooftop has an awesome view of the Acropolis, it's actually really stunning.
The hostel offers free walking tours of Athens so Gabby and I and three other people from our BusaBout tour came with us. Today was hot, like just about forty degrees hot, it's such a dry hot here. Gabby totaled that we walked about fifteen kilometers in all from the tour. They guide was really knowledgable and humorous, but he sure took us through every part of the city and probably every staircase in Athens! It was very interesting, and we learnt a lot from him. We even stopped at a Yoghurt shop and got a taste of authentic greek yogurt it was really good, so creamy.
After the tour we went up to the Acropolis site with a few of the friends we had made. There was a bit of construction being done on it, but for the most part it was very visible and very huge. It's still hard to believe how old everything is and how well preserved it is. The heat was so awful today so we didn't stay too long. We all walked back to our hostel to escape the sun.
We left our backpacks in the lockers at the hostel, so we were able to hang out in the lobby to steal some wifi and air conditioning.
We went out for our last dinner of the trip, choosing a little outside patio restaurant. We really wanted an authentic Greek meal for the last night so we ordered a plate of a variety of Greek foods. There was moussaka, tazyiki, spinach pies, "olive tree leaf cabbage rolls", very filling!
I've become a little bit obsessed with tazyiki from this trip, it's a dipping sauce for bread or pitas, my favorite!
We walked around town afterwards, soaking up the European culture one last time. I kept getting little spurts of sadness today, thinking that we're basically done.
We went back to our hostel and hung out in the basement, trying to kill as much time as possible. We don't have a place booked tonight as we decided it wouldn't make sense as we have such an early flight in the morning. The last train to the airport left at eleven so we watched a movie in the basement and charged our phones before walking to the train station. It was about a forty five minute ride to the airport so we got there around midnight. We were surprised with how many people sleep in the airports instead of getting hotels. There were people with sleeping bags scattered all over.
Gabby and I went and found a nice comfy looking corner and set up camp. We stored all our important items in our money belt that was tucked under our shirt. I think we only lasted about an hour before deciding the cement floor wasn't working for us. We went and sat in a cafe and pushed some chairs together making a bed. That only lasted a little while since the lady working came over and woke us up, telling us to get our feet off the chairs. So we're sitting in our

chairs dozing off and on, waiting until four thirty so we can check in.


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