This morning was an early one, for sure! Our roommates in our hostel had got home around 3am and decided to turn all the lights on and have a shower, so that was lovely. But we were all up and ready to go by 530am in the lobby with the rest of the tour group. It was raining this morning so we all quickly rushed to the bus. Here, the tour guide gave us all an itinerary for the nine days. We were headed to the port to take a ferry to Mykonos, a six hour trip. I guess I expected a ferry to be small, because when we pulled up, it looked more like a cruise ship to me!
I was a little nervous about getting on, but by this point in our trip, I'm really game to try anything. It was actually a really nice boat, with lots of restaurants and seating areas. Our two friends, Allison and Kayla-Jane, stuck with us all day. We snuck into the business class area and found some comfier seats to take a nap on. I didn't get a sea sickness feeling at all, it was just really cold because it was raining.
Pulling up to Mykonos we got a clear view of all the white houses scattered on the hills, so pretty. With booking our tour, the tour company suggests a bunch of hotels that we should stay at that are affordable and are good quality. Unfortunately we were the only two from the group staying at a different hotel. So we were left on our own to find the lady holding up a sign with our hotel name on it, which wasn't difficult. She drove us to the only place cars can park and then we walked the rest of the way, we quickly realized we were in the heart of Mykonos. There were shops and restaurants everywhere. The hotel isn't five star, but for its location, it's definitely worth it.
We freshened up and then we decided to explore the streets. Mykonos looks just like in pictures. Absolutely beautiful. I want to take all my family here, it's just incredible, it feels like you're in a different world, walking between all the winding white walls. Sheets hanging from windows with blue shutters. Everything is just so beautiful here. Gabby and I started a Cat List, there are so many cats everywhere, just roaming the street, so far we're at 18.
Mykonos has the perfect combination of old and modern. We stood on a beach staring out into the ocean, saying "can you believe we're on a beach in Mykonos right now?"
We stopped and got the best gelato I have ever had, and then went back to our hotel to get ready for dinner. We were supposed to meet the group at Taxi square (the only place all thirty taxi's can go on the island), with some slight confusion, we were able to find everyone. We went to Opa! for dinner, Gabby and halfed some chicken souvlaki, which was very good. Because we are on BusaBout tour, we get lots of deals, so we all got to have a famous Greek shot (made from the bark of a tree) for only a euro.
After that we all headed to the windmills on the beach and took some pictures while we watched the sunset.
Then we walked to a nearby bar to have some cocktails. THEY WERE TEN EUROS FOR ONE DRINK. That is nuts!! I got one and that was enough for me, our tour guide said that Mykonos is the most expensive island, so I'm watching what I spend. After that we walked to another bar, it was pretty small, but after awhile it began to get kind of busy so we moved on to a different one. By then I was getting tired, and I knew we had to find our hotel, so Gabby and I decided to go home. We stopped at a bakery and got doughnuts first, though.
We didn't realize how difficult it would be, luckily it was 1am and all the shops and restaurants were open still and people were still in the streets. We got so so lost. We went up and down a million streets, thinking "ok this is it", but it never was. I never got worried though, it seriously only felt like 8 o'clock because the streets were just as busy as the day. A waiter from a restaurant happened to live near our hotel and when we asked he knew exactly which direction to point us in. After that we got home in no time.
We flopped down on our ancient springy mattresses and went straight to sleep.


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