So we survived the night in the creepy hotel and left at 6am, getting out of there as fast as we could! We got onto the train without any problems. Although we were planning on sleeping but instead got stuck beside a family who had a million screaming children.
I was kind of sad to leave Paris, I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. It was so chic.
We eventually made it to Nicé in one piece, the next challenge was to find the hotel we had booked the night before. It only ended up being about a 15 minute walk...with a few minor detours.
The hotel was in an elderly couples home, with a bed and breakfast feel. It was absolutely adorable, they gave us hugs and made sure we had plans for the afternoon and had train tickets booked. It was like staying at grandma's house! The rooms were very nice as well.
After that we set out to stroll around. We went to the train station to purchase tickets to Venice for the next night but unfortunately it was

all sold out. We had to make a quick decision and decided we are going to leave tomorrow morning, as we didn't find Nicé to be all that exciting. It almost looked poor, or scummy. After that we continued on our walk, stopping for dinner, having quiches and quinoa on a street patio.
Then Gabby and I decided to hit up some of the stores, both buying a shirt, naming them "Our France Shirts". The cobblestone road that held all the shopping stores did not allow vehicles on it, giving it a unique feeling.
Afterwards we headed towards the beach, where it was lined with white rock. We wanted to get a better view of the city so we hiked our way to the top of a look out tower. The view was incredible, hills upon hills scattered with orange roof tops. We took pictures but decided even the camera couldn't capture how beautiful the view was.
We both decided we were tired so we turned around and headed for the hotel. I'm very excited to sleep in clean sheets tonight!


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