Today we woke and left our luggage at the hotel, while we went and walked around a bit before we left this afternoon. I got a smoothie and we went and sat by the beach for a long time, soaking up the sun.
Mykonos is a very windy island, and a very busy one as well, lots of people my age and clubs. It'd be a fun spring break place! There's lots going on.
Our bus transfer to the port was at twelve thirty. The lady driving the bus was so sweet. She was so kind, telling us all about Mykonos. She said there's only ten policemen on the entire island. She also said the it's the law that you have to paint your house white, but your shutters can be any colour you choose. She explained that it was almost impossible to get loans from banks here. So that's why you see so many buildings half made. They save up and then half build, and then stop, and so on. When we left, I'll never forgot her shaking our hands and then stopping and telling us to please never stop smiling.
We arrived at the port earlier than the rest of the group because we stayed at a different hotel. We hung out on the benches for a while and they got there within the next hour.
Getting onto the boat felt like we were being herded like cattle. Everyone was all rushed on so quickly and the boat crew were yelling and there was siren sound going off. But the boat was nice, we each got our own seat on this on.
Our friends Kayla and Allison had their wallets stollen right from their campsite the other night. The poor girls had no money or bank cards, luckily they still had their passports. We bought them sandwiches, they hadn't eaten since lunch the other day! I can't believe a person would go right into someone's room and steal, very sad.
The boat ride was only about forty minutes, so we were there in no time! A bus took us right to our hotel. Our tour guide informed us that Lily, the owner of the bed and breakfast said the F word and the C word in every sentence, she was right! This lady swore more times in one sentence than I have in my entire life. She had short spikey hair in the front and a long skinny braid down to her bum in the back, she hacked a loud smokers cough.
Our room is livable, and after settling in we went out to explore the streets. We quickly found out that on this island all the shops have "siesta time" where their shop closes from two till about seven. And then reopens during the evening. I'm not sure why, but we decided to just go to a café for an early dinner instead.
We met up with Kayla and Allison afterwards and decided to window shop. We waited until the Western Union was open so they could get their money that was being transferred to them.
We celebrated with some gelato. And afterwards
We walked back along the beach, stopping in a perfumery, where they make perfume as the exact smell as expensive kinds but for cheap. It was really neat actually. The streets here are much wider and more open than in Mykonos. It's also very quiet here. There's not a lot of tourists, it's more of a quaint little town. There's also loads of cats here, probably more than Mykonos. Our cat count ended at 46 today!
We walked on back to our hotels afterwards. The mosquitoes here a quite bad at night and we left

the window open so we're on a little bit of a killing spree before going to sleep.


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