En Route to Rome


We really only wanted to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, so we decided to book our tickets earlier, for 11:45 this morning , since we went to it last night. We left our hotel and got onto the train without a problem, as our hotel was only a couple blocks away.
The train ride was long and the seats were very uncomfortable as it was really old, but that's our official last train ride of the trip! Today even marks the half way point, it's flying by!
Once we got into Rome we were a little overwhelmed by just how big the station was, we hadn't been to one so big since Paris. We had the address of our hotel in our phones and began walking towards it. We remembered reading the reviews online, saying that the hotel was hard to find. I guess we underestimated how true they were, because it took forever to find! Our train arrived at three forty-five and we didn't find our hotel until six! It was so hot and frustrating walking around and around the same block, so confusing. We went in many other hotels asking for directions and each person seemed to give us a different answer. One lady at a reception desk googled a picture of the hotel for us and I immediately recognized the building.
Once we got there, we were told that the hotel was in three different sections of the city. Gabby had a little bit of a break down and I think the receptionist must have felt bad, because he walked us all the way to the right building for us afterwards. Once we got there he told us he put us in a nice room and he hoped we were happy now... Haha.
The whole set up of the hotel is very weird, it's almost like it's half hotel, half apartment block, half business. Nevertheless, the room is brand new and very nice. Which is good because we are staying here for four days.
We were so exhausted from our day that we went out to get pizza for dinner and have been vegging in bed ever since.
I think we needed to catch up on our rest though, Rome is going to be busy!


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