The Falls

Niagra Falls Canada, 09/04/2016

4 September

Sunday morning and we are back on the road today, we have a routine down by now where I get up for a shower and make sure the bags are out and Matt gets to sleep in a little longer, he needs more sleep at his age.

On the road by 7.30AM loads of green fields, rivers and little towns go by as we make our way to our next stop, at one point we can see Baltimore in the distance.

Our morning stop is in a little township called Enola on the banks of the Susquehanna River we park up in the Summerdale plaza, a toilet break being the main purpose for stopping but I spot a small subway so that’s me for lunch, Matt joins me and a couple of others from the bus make their way there as well.

Pretty sure it was the first time some of our tour had seen subway as they struggled a bit with how it all worked, by the end of the tour though most had mastered it. Real middle of nowhere stop, nothing to see here.

Onward we travel another couple of hours through mainly green fields rivers and townships our lunchtime stop is a store called Wegman’s in Williamsport again on the banks of the Susquehanna, a much bigger township.

This is a new experience, it’s a supermarket, with a restaurant and a smorgasbord type of a deal built right into the supermarket. Everything is done by weight, and you can mix and match all sorts of food.

Food was pretty good and they had an outdoor dining area which was pretty chill.

Back on the bus and on the road again, loads more trees, green fields and overly tidy little brick townships and of course water towers. Doris points out the little brass statue’s that have started to show up in these little towns, she’s right I notice them a lot as we travel on.

Afternoon tea is in North Dansville, basically a truck stop, again nothing to see here.

Next stop Canada border, in the back of my mind I am thinking what if they don’t let me in, what then? So we pull up to the lines and Doris goes in to see them instructing us that we can all stay on the bus and a guy will come check the bus out and we will be on our way.

Nope didn’t happen, apparently they have changed the system so we all have to pile off the bus with our passports and go through customs. Kind of cool first time I have ever walked from one country to another. All up it only took about 15 minutes for all of us to get through, they even let Matt in to Canada eh?

We got to the Hotel shortly after and took our bags up to the room.

Matt and I decided to walk down and see Niagara Falls, we walked for what seemed an age through some pretty shady looking parts of town, till we finally got to the falls, Doris had said it wasn’t far, she clearly had never walked it.

It was super packed down by the falls so much so that I could feel a bit of a claustrophobia coming on and Matt looked pretty uncomfortable with the massive crowds as well. Still we caught a peak of the falls and my god they are simply stunning to see.

We head back toward the main street and spotted the sky tower looking building, we decided to go up and have a look from up there. There was a cool arcade down the bottom and Matt grabbed some tokens and we played a couple of the games before heading up.

The lifts are on the outside and it was not good for my fear of heights but I managed not to be a big girl about it.

We got up and the views were fantastic, as the sunset we were lucky to see the falls light up with the coloured search lights, on side of the falls in red white and blue and the other in red and white. Looks great and apparently the light show dates right back to the 1925.

5 September

This morning we went on a boat out under the falls, massive lines of people but just like in the USA the Canadians are equally well organised and the lines flow smoothly, pink plastic poncho in hand we board the boat.

Nothing can prepare you for this experience and words will not do it justice the sheer power of nature on display is breath-taking.

I expected to get wet from the mist off the falls but never expected the water to roar at me sideways like a hurricane was blowing, all on a beautiful clear sunshiny day. So glad I took my waterproof camera and captured the whole thing as a movie.


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