Vegas Baby

Las Vegas, Los Angeles & San Diego, 09/22/2016

18th September

On the bus from the Grand Canyon and a few hours later we stopped at Kaibab Redcliff Store which is on the Indian reservation, pretty regular sort of petrol station and convenience store, but run by the local Native American tribe. It is in the middle of nowhere literally just desert all around it.

We crossed into Nevada and after a few more hours on the road stopped for lunch at Mesquite, where there was a Wal-Mart Superstore the last of them on this trip. This one was massive. After lunch here we hit the road again on to Las Vegas.

We arrived in Las Vegas in the afternoon, and after a quick tour of the city we headed into our hotel, the scale of this place has to be seen

to be believed, the bus parking lobby for the hotel looked like an airport car park.

We walked to the High Roller at around 4.30 and were pleased to find out we could use our tickets today even though they were for tomorrow. The High Roller is a very big Ferris Wheel with cabins that are like giant balls with windows. The bar cabins are surprisingly spacious and we were lucky to only have 2 other people in the cabin with us along with our bar tender CJ. She was a nice woman a local with dreams of travelling the world. The views were great and I was ok with the heights. The booze was top quality and we ploughed through quite a bit of it as we took the 40 minutes to complete a circuit. CJ made us a special cocktail to celebrate hitting the top but other than that we ordered what we liked.

From there we went to Caesars Palace and had a look around from

Caesars to Bellagio then back to the Hotel.

We caught the Monorail to the stop nearest the Stratosphere then walked the rest of the way, we must have gotten a bit lost we ended up going through a fence in a fairly dodgy part of town to get there.

The alcohol started to kick in here and I almost went on some of the crazy rides on the top of stratosphere, but gladly did not, however I did get a tattoo at this point.

The rides on top of the Stratosphere are crazy scary if you dont like heights.

In my drunken state I thought it would be cool to get a reminder of the trip, I wanted to get a tattoo on my shoulder but Matt convinced me to get it on my bum instead.

After an hour waiting (by law because we were drunk they made us wait) we got the tattoo’s “Cross USA 2016”

According to Matt the guy doing his complained bitterly at having to shave Matts bum.

We then hit a bar at which they had cheap cocktails, I remember very little from this point on.


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