Samui Day 2


This morning we sat on the deck eating breakfast mesmerized by the ocean. It was so calm this morning that we decided to rent a paddle board. We had it for an hour so we took turns paddling and swimming. It was pretty relaxing as it was still fairly early out and we were the only ones in the water in our area.

Between trying to hide my leg burn with a towel and not to burn the rest of my body, laying by the pool today didn't turn out to be that relaxing. Instead, we drank pina coladas and made a plan for the day.

We decided that we were going to go for a hike. We wanted to see a waterfall and heard about one that was quite far away, so our hotel's shuttle took us to the area on the other side of the island. Most hotels in Thailand are full of pamphlets in their front lobby and all you have to do is pick a tour that looks interesting to you and ask the front desk to book it for you, it's super simple!

Once there, we realized it was a pretty touristy spot. They had a spot for elephant rides and pictures with tigers. Being the huge animal lovers that we are, James and I have heard horror stories about the way these two specific animals have been treated for these types of entertainment purposes. So we decided to pass, as we weren't sure what type of conditions these animals were living in or being treated.

Instead, we began walking up the hill to the top of the waterfall. I guess we weren't really expecting that much of an incline on this hike, but holy did I ever feel my glutes working!! At one point it was so steep that I was practically on my hands and knees.

The first waterfall was pretty small so we decided to keep hiking up to the second one. The scenery was absolutely incredible, it looked like we were in a jungle. James kept saying how he felt like he was in the middle of Jurassic Park.

The second waterfall was much more worth the climb, it was beautiful and a lot bigger. We took a ton of pictures and decided that the heat was killing us so we headed back down.

Once we were down we had a difficult time finding a taxi. When we asked the information booth they seemed very confused and taken back. However, they did drive us, but it felt a little bit sketchy. Our taxi driver pulled over on the side of the road at one point to talk to his friend who was showing him a gold coin. He then showed it to us and spoke fast Thai while trying to explain it. We just smiled and shook our heads. I can't say I've never been so relieved to see our hotel.

We got back just as the rain began to start. And it was a DOWNPOUR. The thunder was so loud and the lightening lit up our little cabin! It was kind of a cozy feeling though. We really

wanted to go to Fisherman's Village tonight (an outdoor market), but with the heavy rain we had to take it off our list. Instead we ran to the outdoor restaurant for dinner where they had all the plastic covers rolled down on the sides. I was mesmerized watching the rain over the ocean while I ate a bowl of soup.

We have our window open smelling the rain tonight, and we're enjoying our last night at this lovely resort.


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